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3 Appointments

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8th January 2007

Hi Everyone,

I have not really talked about the 3 appointed feasts of the Lord before.

You'll notice that I haven't mentioned "Tabernacles" in my emails. Others have spoken extensively on this; but as things are being made plain to me, I can say something as well.

This is the summary:

There were 3 feasts for Israel of old. Exo 23:14-16.
3 times to appear before The Lord every year.

2 have been historically fulfilled in this spiritual Church Age:
Passover - Christ Our Passover Lamb slain on the day of Passover.
Pentecost - The out-pouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

These first two are being fulfilled in us on a personal level as well, as we come to Christ.

Jesus walked in the realm of Tabernacles. The fullness of Tabernacles in Christ was the inheritance of a body of glory at the time of His resurrection. He also had the fullness of the other two realms.

Each realm is a progress bar, with a 'beginner' unto a 'fullness' level.

3 feasts

Passover (Feast of unleavened bread)

Leaving Egypt. Seeing (understanding) the Land (God's Kingdom). Becoming born again. This is the 1st step.

Pentecost (Feast of Harvest, Weeks, or Firstfruits)
Entering the Land. Baptism by the Holy Spirit. The deposit of our inheritance. This is the 2nd step.

Tabernacles (Feast of Ingathering, completion of labours)
Fully possessing the Land - our inheritance. The fullness of the Spirit. The final step.

3 steps

Touched by the Holy Spirit in your spirit. Acknowledging a need for a Saviour and turning to Him.

In-filled by the Holy Spirit to renew the mind and also for service. Doesn't always have to include the gift of tongues.

Swept-away in the Holy Spirit. Completeness in your physical body, culminating in the Resurrection experience.

Many in the church do not believe the 3rd level is possible in this life-time. Many say it can't be attained; placing limitations on God and His Word. They ridicule those who see it differently.
Much like the Lutherans (the truth about justification restored by Luther) persecuting the Wesleyans i.e. Methodists (the truth about renewing the mind restored by Wesley), and then the Methodists persecuting the Pentecostals (the truth about the gifts of the spirit for service restored).

But God has an appointed time for this to be fulfilled historically in the church, just like the other 2 feasts before it.  No man can force/claim it before the time nor avoid this from happening.

It's not about bullets bouncing off the chest; it's about walking in the fullness of the Son.

If you're looking for a rapture before complete renewal of the mind, to quote Preston Eby, "Devils would surely be born"!

So friends, we wait for the Lord's appointed time. His Own time, not ours.

Stay blessed,

Tony Asakpa.

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