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A Black Cat

19th February 2006

This came to me as I slept:

A fat black cat with sharp claws, hunched over a mouse-like entrance in the wall. It wanted to enter the room, but saw me and snarled. It appeared to have enjoyed a freedom of movement in and out of this room.

'The Lord rebuke you', I said, 'and may the Fire of Our God pursue you'!

It then fled back through the wall it had come through.

Brethren, this speaks to me of the spirit of witchcraft (spirit of control) amongst God's people. It has had free rein, even having a specially built entrance into our lives. Feeding delicately and becoming fat on the flesh of God's people. We have seemed not to notice it before, for our senses have been dulled.

But now the Fire of Our God is pursuing it out of our lives for good!!

Take hold of God and believe!


A question via email:
This mail is quite interesting, but I donít understand how the spirit of
witchcraft is feeding on the flesh of Godís people.

I donít think they have the power to do that. I know they could
manipulate believers.

Please do you mind explaining further.
Thanks and God bless.


Hi ,
Thanks for replying!

This dream came to be in a brief few minutes of sleep during the day.

The spirit of witchcraft doesn't always mean 'witches' as we know it.
It is an unlawful control of people that is not according to God's command. God alone should have control over His people. The Church is meant to share one another's burdens not to usurp authority over those in the body.

The reason this control is rampant is because there is still alot of carnality in the Lord's Body that needs to be purged by the Spirit. By this means will the 'spirit of control' relinquish its hold!