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10th Feb 2007 06.30am GMT

A large group were in a lecture hall.
Some weren't paying attention to the Lecturer because 'they had done this course before'.

The Lecturer rebuked them and they started to listen.

We then went to a dining room.
Some were trying to distract me while I was talking to another person; but I knew what they wanted, so ignored them. Others I'd known from the past kept trying to become my friends again, but I sensed not to accept them just yet.

Then later we were then in another room.
A Preacher came, all very jovial, into the room. He showed us a page from a book with a chart on it indicating the progress of the Kingdom. There was a date there when the youth shall arise (this I forgot). He then left with a very serious British voice and sombre look.

We then left the place in 2 (two) cars.

A sister sat at the far back of the car (seemed like a car with a caravan attachment of some sort), that I was in,  because she said she knew the driver and he had annoyed her in the past, so she wouldn't sit in the main part of the car with us.
The driver retorted that he didn't really care. 'I treat all the sisters the same', he said.

The driver drove recklessly, with the other car following behind. He was playing, joking and breaking wind and looking away from the road almost constantly.

Suddenly, we left the road and both cars were stuck in trees with murky water underneath. It looked like a jungle.

The drivers then swam out of the cars.
A sister followed closely behind. The water looked deep.
I called, 'I haven't swam in 15years, I could drown!'
She called back, 'The water is light - just glide through.'

I entered the water. My legs were very heavy as I started to swim slowly, but my arms seemed powerful. Sure enough, as I continued, my legs became light and I was able to cut through the water effortlessly. The others were surprised that I could now swim so well. 'But it's been so long', they said.

There were many obstructions in the water which we had to keep on pushing out of the way; some looked like items from a house.

We finally reached an abandoned lakehouse and rested.

The end.
The Interpretation, I think also speaks to many of us in His Body.

Interpretation 3.30pm GMT by a sister (in USA):

Hello Precious Brother,

...I will share some things that just seemed so obvious to me.   Know as I share these thoughts, it is for you to take them to the Lord to see if any of they bear witness to you.  If it is what the Spirit of God is saying to you at least on some level, then glory to God.

It seems you have learned to observe and see what is going on, possibly from being submitted and corrected by the Spirit yourself.  We all hear things we think we already know, and yet sometimes they are needed to be refreshed to be walked in more deeply.  I saw the Lecturer as the Teacher/Spirit working in His students.

The dining room is another place of taking in food, and digesting it. YOU were walking in discernment that you have been learning as to the timing of God etc.  It may be those friends were not ready or were not as serious or not going where you needed to go, but saw something in you they wanted to touch base with.  But somehow you knew it wasn’t time.  You didn’t let them distract you.  You also didn’t have need of just connecting with anyone who wanted to connect.  (You are not needy.  You just want to stay on target.)

Both the observations of the Lecturer and dining room scenes seem to tell me that you have learned to stay focused on what God is doing through and to you (and those around you) at the time.  This is important for what is coming.  You watch and walk with Him.  This developing of your spiritual muscles may be something where you do not yet realize how strong you have become.  Therefore when the ‘Suddenly’ situation occurred, you did not know that you had what it takes to glide through it.  When God comes in like a flood, you will be fine.  You are ready.  There will be obstacles, but with a team (maybe even an unlikely team) you will swim through it in the strength and wisdom God’s Spirit is working in you.  You and they will see that.

Another note about the driver, the one in front who may be a current leader who may not respect women in ministry much and may be or seem to be a bit crass…may even be responsible for this flood that comes in (the wreck)…but it is okay, you are ready.  I cannot tell if God is saying he is very real, earthy or carnal, but it is all going to be something you will have what you need to get through.  Do not be afraid you are not ready. 

Does all that I shared seem obvious to you too?  Do not worry if you get something else, trust Christ in YOU.

In His Love and Grace,


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6th March 2007
This is an addendum to the "Dream".
I emailed this on the 28th of February 2007:

I was editing some of Carl's articles for the website and I found this.
I have never read it before, but it is similar to that dream I told you about. May it speak to you too.

God bless,


"I saw a very large river. This river was flowing very fast. As I looked I saw that the river was very dirty and polluted and that it had a great number of people in it trying to swim. The people had a very hard time because of the current of the river, another words, they couldn't go against the current. Then I saw that a few people broke out of this river and were safe in small tributaries. It was as if they were completely cut off from the main stream and were hiding safely in these small tributaries! The water in these little tributaries was a lot calmer and cleaner, and the people were able to see much more easily.
The rest of the people in the large, dirty river were eventually swept out into the ocean that was a seething mass of yelling and screaming people!
Now, I feel that the Lord was showing me that the mainstream of Christianity is a lot more complicated and larger than we think, and that a lot of people who think that they are outside of it, are really in it! They who are still interested in making a name for themselves, are still trying to impress people with their "ministries," etc., are in for a huge surprise because they are still in mainstream Christianity and they don't ever know it! We all need to take constant stock of ourselves and where we are with the LORD.
--MST, 2/93"

See the rest here

Tony's 2nd Addendum:
Remember that all those now considered "mainstream Christianity" were once considered "heretical" and "divisive" by those who came before them.

Helps puts this article into perspective. Don't take it personally, but catch what The Spirit is saying.

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