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1st July 2007 (Updated 17th August 07)


[Read the very interesting work of the late Dr. Karla Turner: Taken. Tribute here.Watch her story below. Filmed in 1994]

Hi Guys,

Interesting title. Have I got your attention?

Good, let's get started.I had to get this off my chest. Don't be offended by this email. It's for Christians and non-Christians alike.

Please read EVERY WORD. It is very important for you to do this. I'm sure you've all watched "The Exorcist", so this should not be as alarming.

I hope this will help those who need it and those who have loved ones that need help as well.

In my articles last year, The Enmity... & The Giants..., I had talked about spiritual warfare with the limited understanding I had at that time. I talked about fallen angels and them mingling with the human race (Genesis Chapter 6). I did not have much knowledge of their present day activities.

Since then, I have learned alot about UFOs, so called "Aliens", Subterranean bases, Area 51 etc... I've read the books of Jasher
(Referred to in Joshua 10:13, 2 Sam 1:18. The 1840 translation by J.H. Parry Publishers) and Enoch (Enoch 1:9 = Jude 14-15. R.H. Charles translation) They all seem like fantasies, but don't be hoodwinked by Hollywood's glossy coating of these malevolent activities. The "Alien" cover is now their means of continuing  their  activities largely un-noticed except by the "conspiracy-nuts" and UFO groups. Remember Daniel Chapter 2:43? There is about to be an open (yet subtle) display of these dark ones that have operated in subterfuge, and all the "cute" movies/TV series are just a way of slowly mentally preparing us to make them widely acceptable.

Not all "alien" abductions/molestations are by fallen angels. Some are done by clandestine trauma-based human mind control experts and it is all meant to create despair & hopelessness amongst mankind. (As for the other extra-terrestrial ones: you be the judge! They seem real enough. There is a very mixed bag in here. ETs are real in my opinion, but things are seriously messed up in that field.)

So this is a message to continually warn us of the subtle times we are in. May we be aware of where we stand in all this. Have you heard of "Blue Beam Project"? Google it and see what you get, this one is quite interesting.

(Do you know about Easter Island? Were the monuments a reflection of the fallen "Watchers" (cited in the book of Enoch) ? Check it here:

We'll look at several type of cases documented by a man experienced in dealing with these cases i.e. Alien abductions and sexual molestations.

But first: the Moslems know about the Jinns, the Jews know about the Dybbuks, Atheists know about Incubus/Succubus. I always wonder why the World pretends to be "secular" when we are all steeped in spiritual battles & displays. It's like a child closing his eyes and saying , "The monster has gone away because I can't see it". Saying there is "no god" or "only what you see exists" is really the closing of the eyes "I don't want to know", despite all the seemingly sophisticated arguments people display in books these days (e.g The God Delusion. Read the Dawkins Delusion as a rebuttal to it; Letters to a Christian Nation. Read Letters from a Christian Citizen as a rebuttal.)

Many people have experienced sexual molestation while they sleep (Christian & non-Christian) despite attempts to deny/hide these experiences out of embarrassment that people would think them  "crazy" or "not a good Christian". So they continue to suffer in silence.

Here is an interesting look at a few sessions written by Pastor Chris Ward. His website , was one of the 1st Exorcist sites out on the internet in 1996 and is at the forefront of helping people of all religions with demonic oppression. Get his book "Case Files of an Internet Exorcist" ($5 for the pdf version, 200 pages). His quotes are in blue, all emphasis mine.


Related: The Disclosure Project (More on ETs)| Hubble's Top 10 (We are not alone!) | Interview with an Ex-Vampire | Mars-Earth Connection

See this: Aliens abducting children. (Counterfeiting Godly Angelic contacts.)

"Many Christians churches today do not believe in demon possession or spiritual oppression. They feel that demon possession is a mental dysfunction or mental illness. Many pastors feel that this kind of weird stuff is all mental or chemical and they need a counselor, a physician, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a therapist. That viewpoint seems funny to me, because many of my clients get referred to me by health care professionals. When all clinical treatment fails, and it appears to them that there must be some spiritual complications, they seek my assistance. Health Care professionals have referred some of my more difficult clients for which I am very appreciative.

"Every Health Care professional is familiar with the DSM-IV. It is the Bible of mental disorders. On page 727 you can find Dissociative Trance Disorder (DTD). A DTD is the perfect clinical description of demonic possession or spiritual oppression. It is my opinion that that treatment of DTD should never be attempted by a Health Care professional alone. The spiritual fallout could be devastating. If you do not know how to clear yourself spiritually, you may go home with more than you want. I understand that the suicide rate in the mental health profession is high."


"Deliverance from an Incubus is the number one call for help that I get [5,000 inquiries per week in 2004]. An incubus is a devil that will pose as a female, male, or both. In cases where the spirit is a male, the incubus is referred to as a succubus, but spirits do not have gender and therefore, their representation as a male or female is just part of their lying characteristics. They will pose as anything a person desires in order to gain access. They cannot enter without permission.

"I have never worked with a client that reported an incubus or succubus that was not involved with masturbation, pornography, sex outside marriage, adultery, or some type of sexual abuse. Many of my clients report they were abused as children. Sometimes the use of drugs can be a gate."


"Unlike demons, an incubus does not want to possess the individual, but rather, an incubus desires to abuse and use the person. They seem to manifest some type of physical appearance and do  not necessarily need a body. Clients report that an incubus can perform cunnilingus, anal sex and masturbation. They describe the spirit as reptilian in nature sometimes having a tail. The tail is often used to wrap around the stomach and hold the victim firmly while it inserts a phallic member of some type into the vagina or rectum. They usually visit at night, but I have had some client's report that it can happen during the day. It is my opinion that incubus and succubus are fallen angels, also known as devils, and not demons, because they are not disembodied spirits, and they do not seek to possess the person. These fallen angels are able to shape-shift and do not need or desire a body."


"At the Ancient of Days Conference in Roswell, July of 2003, I talked about the similarities between the actions of succubus and the alleged activities of alien abductions. After the meeting, one man in his thirties came up and asked to speak with me. I took him aside. He said that he thought he was being abducted, but in fact, he now realizes that he has had an incubus and that he wanted to get delivered."

[In Africa, e.g. Nigeria, these experiences are related to "water (marine) spirits", having "spirit children" and "spirit families". This is the "Alien Abduction" African-style! The context may be different, but it is the same demonic influence operating.So submarine existence, rather than subterranean or planetary ones  --Tony]


"It was 3.12AM when the phone rang. I didn't have message line in those days. The caller I.D. said it was Ellis. Ellis is what I call an abductaholic. He had gotten delivered of his close encounters of the 4th kind on several occasions only to return to his familiar experiences like a dog to its vomit. He was addicted to these horrific events. They terrified him, but he missed them.He had contacted me about his alien abductions many times before. I had conducted several deliverance sessions, but he would invite them back. I felt I had to take the call because of the tremendous suffering I believed he was going through. His night terrors were constant and continuous without rest. Ellis reminds me of the description found in the book of Job:

'Terrors overtake him like a flood; A tempest steals him away in the night. The east wind carries him away, and he is gone; It sweeps him out of his place. It hurls against him and does not spare; He flees desperately from its powers.' Job 27:20-22

"We have entered the 21st Century where UFOs, aliens, alien abuctions, MK Ultra Project Monarch, mind control experts, and paranormal paradigms are now reaching into the fourth generation of Americans. Ellis' father was a member of a new age alien hierarchy I will call the Cosmic-Galactic Hierarchy for lack of a better name. To my knowledge no such organization exists with that name, but it is very typical of the new age Ufology heresy that is flooding the globe.

"The Cosmic-Galactic Hierarchy, like other such organizations, has a paranormal philosophy that believes they have been chosen by a group of good aliens to channel the soon and necessary arrival of our Planetary Space-Brothers. It is their job to prepare the planet for the shocking arrival of the Elohim, our makers in the Garden of Eden, according to them. At least they keep it spiritual, the Elohim are the sons of God or angels.

"The Cosmic-Galactic Hierarchy say they are dedicated to exploring the frontiers of science, metaphysics, and expanding consciousness with the help of a galactic intelligence. They host a charismatic leader that thinks he is an angelic being. We shall call him Rahab. He teaches evolution, hypnosis, reincarnation, necromancy, and how to develop a spiritual connection with God via our 'Space-Brothers'."


"The Cosmic-Galactic Hierarchy preach the same line many of the Ufology groups do and it goes like this: Jesus and his disciples are with them. While Jesus is one of the galactic Masters, He is not as high on the hierarchy ladder as their Master, Rahab (please fill in your cult leaders name here). There is no sin or need for redemption because we are gods and gods cannot sin. Jesus came to teach the fifth element of forgiveness as part of the five great religions of the world. According to the Cosmic-Galactic Hierarchy, each great spiritual leader, like Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, Krishna or Jesus, bring to the table of civilization a piece of the puzzle of peace and evolutionary spiritual progress. They teach that our Space-Brothers have been with us for over 250,000 years and without them our planet would collapse due to self-destruction of the planet and its environment. The Space-Brothers have come forward because eartlings have so polluted their own planet, with the introduction of nuclear weapons and environmental poisoning, that Galactic intervention is all that can save us."


"Ellis' dad believed he was channeling aliens and having visitations from the Space-Brotherhood. He tells the story that one night when he was about seven years old, his father set him down on the bed during an alien encounter and introduced him to the aliens. He says he was abducted with his father and that this happened for many years during his childhood. They would be taken to a mother ship or a subterranean cavern."


"Ellis has had horrific abduction-mares, night terrors, and alien experiences all his adult life. He is unable to break away from the  terrifying  mind control programming introduced by his father. He also reports subterranean bases, hybrid programs, and vats of human parts. In addition like many abductaholics, he reports visiting a hybrid child that was introduced by implication as his won alien-hybrid child."

"In order to get a better perspective you should read in the Bible Genesis 3:15 " I will put enmity between your seed and her seed," Genesis 6:4 "There were Giants on the earth in those days and after ;" Daniel 2:43, "They will mingle with the seed of men," and Jeremiah 31:27 " I will sow the house of Israel with the seed of men and the seed of beasts," the idea is not Biblically impossible.

"Ellis' father is what the Bible calls a soul hunter and diviner of spirits. Soul hunting is divination. Divination is like channeling. It is when one calls on other spirits or the dead. Soul hunters offer a false salvation via magic and contact with other gods or in this case aliens. Rahab, their leader, is also a soul hunter and can be seen holding his magic wand as he introduces his teachings on the Cosmic-Galactic Hierarchy. I have a question. If alien activity is not spiritual in nature, then why all the witchcraft, channeling, and magic referenced?"


[These are another series of quotes from Frank Marzullo, Sr, who Chris Ward worked with. This transcript is in the book.]

"The first one in line was a young girl, she was about 17-18years old... and I asked her what the problem was - you had sex with spirits? She said, 'I don't understand it, I'm a virgin. I don't know a man. Yet I have this spirit that bothers me and last night he even tore my pyjamas to get to me' and this was an unusual case. She said, 'I never had sex, I don't understand this.' But when I questioned her I found out that she was involved in witchcraft and I found it was her family. Her mother was standing behind her and said, 'That's me too, I'm having the same problem.' So, I commanded those spirits in their female organs to leave... and she was free."

"Recently... a pastor's wife came and told me that she had the same problem.

"She said, 'In fact, it is embarrassing me in the daytime. At night I'm being tormented trying to have an orgasm, coming to a climax, and doing all that. I'm fighting, I'm commanding them to go. I've had deliverance before yet I can't get rid of the problem.'...

"I said 'your married to a pastor', she said, 'yes'.

" 'Are you having normal sex?'

" 'Well my husband has a problem with that, he wants me to masturbate him and he masturbates me and that's the way we have sex.'
" I said, 'Well that's why you have that door open.' Because of what they are doing, they are opening a door and inviting spirits to come in. Succubus and incubus spirits, unclean sexual spirits, they are coming in, because they are opening the door.

" 'But what can I do, my husband demands it.' She said.
" I said, 'You are going to have to obey God or man. What are you going to do? Besides you have no business ministering because you minister out of the spirit that is in you."....

[Listen to Frank Marzullo here ]


"Jesus took my breath way when I was delivered from spiritual oppression after the Vietnam War. It happened at a simple Bible study meeting in a home in Lake Elsinore, California. The minute the weeknight Bible study group began to pray and lay hands on me, I felt the presence of God. I had never felt anything like this. It was wonderful. I felt loved and accepted. the spirit of anger, unforgiveness, rejection, depression, and grief left my body immediately. For the first time I  began to release the sorrows of combat, the ravages of war, the oppression of drug use, and the generational curses of alcoholism triggered by that conflict. I got baptized. I was set free. I was saved. I had never before known this kind of mental peace, emotional joy, and spiritual freedom. It changed my life, and I knew I wanted to learn more about deliverance ministry, and I wanted to learn how to bring it to others. I knew instinctively that I would have to study the ministry of Jesus."


So I hope this helps those who need it. Get the book for all the stories and steps to freedom: it's only $5 (US dollars) for the pdf version, and check out his website as well   --

Listen to the stories from ex-Satanists, more on Alien abductions & how to stop them --

Stay blessed,


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