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A Prophetic Word -2

Another word through D. Weber.  

26th February 2007

"I am coming in and through thousands of My holy ones to execute judgment on all, to convict all of the ungodly deeds that they have done, and to get all free from the unclean influences that have pervaded their lives and their hearts. Conviction by the word must come first, then repentance because of the word must come, then a word of deliverance will come forth to deal with the ungodly spiritual influences that have infected My body. This will be a long and ongoing work; something that will continue on throughout the coming age.
"This fiery work of judgment will begin in My house, but at the onset of this work, many, even those of My own flock, will not recognize that the judgments are Mine but coming through earthen vessels. Because of this, many will gnash their teeth at My holy messengers and call them messengers of the evil one; children of the devil. This must be so. As it was done unto Me, it will be done unto those who represent Me in Spirit and Truth. 
"In persecuting My messengers ... I Am persecuted. Many people, even My own people, are quick to blaspheme anything that they do not understand, and in so doing they often blaspheme Me. Many of My own people in this day are still as the children of men; a stubborn, rebellious, and hardhearted people. But I will triumph over all rebellion in men through My righteous judgments. Through My words, even the words that come forth from the mouths of my prophets -- I will be justified, and the Father WILL be glorified."