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9th August 2007

Hi Guys,

This story will bring tears to your eyes, and open up a world that you hitherto may not have known existed.

It's from a book I have just received ( Big Angels and Flaming Wild Horses , 254pages) , a continuation of Victoria's experiences about the heavenly realm (Started at age 4. She is now 8 years old) which I quoted in Little, little Babies .

This is a vision a French Canadian lady received before she knew anything about Victoria's experiences. Some of you may have already read about this vision.

There are currently about 211 million pregnancies a year, 48 million of which are aborted [the equivalent population of South Korea], and 68,000 women dying as a result of unsafe abortion methods ( 2005 WHO Report ) per year. In the USA alone, the no. of women with impaired ability to have children is 6.1 million , while 1.3 million abortions are performed there per year.

May our Father have mercy on us all and grant our children, mothers, fathers, families & nations healing.

(All emphasis by the author.)



P.S. it confirms some things to me that I shared recently before I got the book.

(18th Aug 07-- The artificial division between embryo and fetus as being more "human", i.e. < or > 8 weeks, is a formative one and is really a matter of semantics to this vision below. I've therefore re-named the title "...Baby".)

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By Elizabeth Szeremeta

This is the transcription of Elizabeth's encounter with Jesus and the aborted baby. This two-cell fetus was probably the result of the morning after pill, which has been in use in France for decades. It has recently been approved in the US.[Mary Jo Pennington's note]

My name is Elizabeth Szeremeta, and on August 16, 2005 a little after 10pm at home at Rawdon, Quebec, Canada.

Suddenly I noticed that the light in the dining room where I was seated at the table began to get brighter and brighter.

In my spirit, I knew that soon heaven would come down to earth.

I waited... Jesus came...

I have read the accounts of Sister Faustina, a Polish nun who saw and described Jesus.

The wonderful Jesus that I saw fit her description, except He was more golden, more glorious. His hair had brilliant highlights. Surrounding Him were minuscule particles of gold dust, which danced in the air around Him.

Jesus began to speak. He said he was holding an aborted embryo in his hand. He let me see a close-up of this embryo, as if I were looking through a magnifying glass, so that I could scrutinize all the details:

I had a moment of uneasiness. This embryo had neither arms nor legs. There were no details which resembled a baby.

All I could see was two cells fused together. Each cell had a darker spot. I was made to understand that this spot was the door through which one could enter in... in order to obtain all the details on the future development of the baby.

Here is an excerpt of our conversation:

Jesus said, "This aborted baby has a message for you."

I said, "Jesus, why are you speaking to me in French? You know I understand English or Polish better."

Jesus said, "This message is destined for French-speaking people."

Suddenly, I realized I had perfect mastery of the French language. I was thrilled.

The Baby embryo said to me, "I am a baby who is now living in heaven, along with thousands upon thousands of other babies who are growing up with me. Together we wrote a letter to our mothers, who are still living on Earth."


I asked, "Why did you choose me to deliver this message? I have never experienced an abortion."

Jesus answered, "Because you are able to write music."

Baby embryo answered also, "We like you because you know rejection, as we knew it, while we were on Earth."

Then I started to take down the song, as the baby dictated it to me by singing it, phrase by phrase, note by note.

I noticed that I could take all the time in the world, for the job to be well done. No one was in a hurry. When I was finished, I asked some more questions.

I asked, "Jesus, why did you choose this embryo, in particular, to deliver this message?"

Jesus answered, "Because it was the youngest."

I was made to understand that right from the moment of conception, one is already a person.

I asked, "Is this embryo a girl or a boy?"

Jesus said, "I won't answer that question. This embryo represents all of the aborted girls and boys who are now growing up in heaven."


I asked, "Does the baby have a name? If not, may I give it a name?"

Jesus answered, "No, a special grace will accompany this song each time it will be sung.

"I will let all mothers of aborted babies, who listen to this song know how many girls, how many boys they have rejected.

"If they repent and decide to consecrate their lives to me, I will give these mothers an opportunity to choose themselves, the names of their aborted children."

I said, "So this baby is waiting for its real mother to pick a name for him?"

Jesus answered, "You have understood correctly. This song will be sung here and there, all over the world."
abortions are performed per year.


By Elizabeth Szeremeta

My dearest Mommy, I am your own child.
God gave me to you, but then you aborted me.
I see you crying your heart out for me,
And I am telling you that I love you,
Oh Mom, I love you.

My dearest Mommy, as I watch from Heaven,
I want to say, that I love you so much,
And at the end of life's journey,
I want you to come and live
in Heaven with me.

My dearest Mommy, up in my Heavenly home,
The strong arms of Jesus
hold me with such great love.
I see the splendor and
Joy of all the saints
We're all so glad
that we can
live here forever.

My Dearest Mommy
Jesus does understand
He wants to forgive and to
Give you His peace and His joy.
Open your heart, give your whole life to Him
And when you do, you'll see,
You will be happy.