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Born Blind. Why?

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14th October 2006.  (Updated 21st January 2007)

Hi guys,  

This is something I have pondered for several weeks now.

The other day we went into a little physics ('Night and Day' article), today we will look into a tiny bit of genetics.

The scripture setting is this:

John 9:2-3

And the disciples asked Him, Master, who sinned, this man or His parents that he was born blind?
Jesus answered, Neither has this man, nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God might be revealed in him

(Bear in mind that Jesus didn't always clear up misconceptions, Jesus isn't endorsing the concept of reincarnation here. Read every question He was ever asked.)

Do you know that a curse of death courses through our veins?
Do you know that that curse is the effect of Adam's sin?

Current scientific evidence says that every time a cell divides a tiny bit of the ends of the chromosome breaks off. Every time! That process leads to ageing.

That tiny bit is called the telomere. It has been likened to plastic covers on the ends of our shoelaces, which keep the shoelace intact for a time.

They also prevent chromosomes from fusing together by keeping them distinct.

There is an enzyme called telomerase that replenishes the telomere at each cell division. This enzyme is of greater quantity in children than adults. But as the cells continue to divide even this gets depleted and can't stop the process of degeneration any more.

There are only 2 cells in the body that have an everlasting supply of telomerase - the male sperm and the female egg. Without that the human race would have been extinct a long time ago! But even that doesn't still prevent transmission of defects in the body of the shoelaces.

So what is the sum?
We are losing genetic information as we grow. Some are born with large chunks of genetic information missing; others scale through with minor glitches and are relatively disease free.

The disciples asked, 'Why was this man born blind?'

We have the same questions today:

Why was this girl born with cystic fibrosis? Why is there cancer in the genetic line of this family? Why was that baby born with a devastating heart defect? What is God playing at?

So for some the genetic info lost is huge and devastating.

To all these, Jesus' answer is the same. It has largely been ignored by the majority of the world, as they rail against God.

His answer is this: 'That the works of God may be made manifest'.

What are the works of God? The greek word is ergon, it means toil.
Is it only the miraculous or has God placed His toil in creation?

When did God finish from His toil, His labour? It was the 6th day. He rested on the 7th day. He continues to rest as the clockwork of creation winds down, till He receive the precious fruit of His labour! Till the completion of the 7th day!

So does that mean there is no more work for God? Yes there is. He set the framework in the 1st 6 days and ever since, He has been outpouring His work into creation.

He creates the cattle and says 'continue to multiply'. He creates man and says 'continue to procreate'. He has set His everlasting seal in the telomere!!

So what are the works of God? I believe it also includes God's remedies found in creation.

His remedies can be spiritual or physical.

God has blessed people with skills in surgery, skills in medicine, skills with electricity, and skills with herbs! He has set every remedy in His creation for He knew what was going to happen. He didn't stop it, but provided the answer.

We protest: ' We do not have an answer for cancer!'.

Well, that depends on who you ask. Orthodox medicine does not have all the answers. NIH (National Institute of Health) is not the final authority. God is!

[See the Videos Section]

Ask Renne Caisse about essiac, her herbal cancer cure, that the Canadian government refused to acknowledge by 3 votes.

Ask Raymond Rife about the Rife machine, a frequency generator, which could kill cancer, but was discredited and finally ‘killed’ as a result of greedy men (died of alcoholism and valium use).

Ask Linus Pauling about IV vitamin C therapy for cancer.

Could we add dichloroacetate to this list? Working on Otto Warburg's theory that cancer cells switch off the mitochondria; switch on the mitochondria and they start to die.

What about the psycho-anatomical (mind-body organ) representation of cancer, discovered by Dr. Ryke Hamer? That is, various cancers correspond consistently with certain psychological states(Large file 600kb, 23 pages) Click Here.

There are numerous examples we could continue to add, but search and see. God has left Himself a witness even in the physical creation.

Is it fair for someone to have cancer? No! A thousand times, no!
Is it fair for other therapies to be suppressed/ridiculed and for everyone not to know the full facts? Must not all alternatives/controversies be thoroughly tested and verified?

But who has the research money? I’ll leave that question for another day!

Ah, brothers and sisters. The Lord sitteth on the circle of the earth (Isa 40:22), beholding the affairs of the sons of men. Every man shall be judged by the book of works that shall be opened at the great white throne (Rev20:13). May we not be found wanton.

'Okay', we say 'All well and good. Why are people still dying since Jesus came?' 'Why do even Christians die of these terrible diseases?'

To that I answer, 'that the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death'. He has a set time for everything. First -save your spirit, then your soul (redeeming the mind) and finally your body.

Brothers and sisters, stand with me on the balcony of life. Look out into the horizon with me. What do you see? What seest thou?

Do you see a world hurling towards destruction that you are just barely going to make it out alive.


Do you see God becoming all in all, that is everything in everyone that receives Him.

For what you see, you will be.


Stay blessed,

Tony A.

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