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20th April 2007 (Re-linked 5th Dec 2007)

China: Land of God (Shenzhou)

A beautiful historical
exposť on the path China took away from God.
It is a story reflective of every nation on earth today!
For China knew the One True God for the first 2500 years of her 5000-year history!
For the last 2500 years they have turned away from what they had known at first.

This video is especially helpful for those who insist on mixing Christianity with New-Age "Eastern" World-views.

For the view of the "East" was really the view of the Bible, before they (the East) got corrupted.

The "West" has done the same today - losing their heritage in a bid for "self-hood".

Part 1:

Part 2:

[To view as larger screen (not as clear) click on the Google Video icon, and go straight to the Google site. For remaining videos click on "From User".]

In Mandarin Chinese with English Subtitles.

[13th June 07 - English transcripts --- OneTwo]

Produced by  China Soul for Christ Foundation

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Part 1 - re-linked 5th Dec 07

Part 2