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Posted on this site 27th March 2007

A Chinese lady is Translated — by Gwen Shaw

....Enoch was translated that he should not see death;

and was not found, because God had translated him

Hebrews 11:5          

In July of 2001, in the city of Taichung, Taiwan, a godly Chinese intercessor told her three sons that she was going home to Heaven on the 23rd day of that month. They laughed at her and accused her of joking. But she insisted that the Lord had told her that He was going to take her on that day, and they must be there to see it happen. Two of her three sons were Christians. The middle one was a prodigal.

On that day she told her oldest and youngest that they must find their brother and bring him home to see the miracle. He came very reluctantly.

Suddenly she began to be raised up from the floor. When that happened, he began to weep and repent, confessing that he was a great sinner.

She said, "Look at me!" and as they all looked, her skin was transfigured in front of them and her face shone as bright as the sun. She rose up through the ceiling and disappeared. She hasn’t been seen since.

This testimony was told to me in Peter Snyder’s house in Jerusalem during the Passover season of 2002 by a young Chinese Christian from Taichung who vouched for its veracity. If I understand correctly, he was related to her.


This message was reported in a magazine named Endtime Handmaidens & Servants, founded by Gwen Shaw of Jasper, Arkansas.

---Jim Meletiou

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