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Posted on this site 10th April 2007

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TEXT:           1Cor 14: 1 – 6.                                       Part 11



“But Brothers and Sisters, will it help you if I come to you speaking in different Languages? No! It will help you only if I bring you a new truth or some new knowledge, or prophecy, or TEACHING. It is the same as with lifeless things that make sounds – like a flute or harp. If they do not make clear musical notes, you will not know what is being played. And in a war, if the trumpet does not give a clear sound, who will prepare for battle”?  1Cor 14: 6 – 8 NCV


Looking at the above scripture, the bottom-line of what the Lord is driving at is CLARITY OF LANGUAGE in our communication.  By implication if we must make or cause the Church of Christ to come to the place of maturity, then we must be able to communicate in clear terms our idea or message in such a manner that the people must understand. And in the Language of the Spirit, this should be done or made manifest through these four basic principles of Revelation, Knowledge, Prophecy and Doctrine. It is imperative to know that if one does not understand a message, there cannot be a proper response to the intent of the one who sent the message. In other words, if the Pastor or Minister must bring the people of God to another level of Consciousness in God with accurate response, then they must know in clear terms what God intends to say and is saying per time to them, and that will elicit the right response from the people as they begin to see more clearly what the Lord requires of them. Even in the natural, no army of a nation wants to fight to finish until he truly gets in clear terms, the reason for the war and the need to defend his ground or nation. Even at the battlefield, they should have been properly instructed as to the nature or tone of the war sound; what each represents also for a properly active and orderly response.



It is that the believers’ identification with the things of God and their full commitment to it, even to the point of sacrifice, is as one understands why he/she should believe in the faith. No man will run in and with the faith until he/she knows what they are running for. Even the threat of Hell fire will not make a true believer out of a man but a fear laden faith structure who must serve God to avoid hell. But those who have been properly taught the reason for their existence, the very purpose for what is called Christianity, the role of the church in the economy of God in world harvest, the reward and joy of being a partaker in such a harvest and the glory in the hereafter, will cause the believer to not only be committed but to serve with the best of Zeal. When people are properly taught the likes and dislikes of God, they will also relate to Him in like manner and that will also form the bases of their life-style which forms the foundation of a nation or people’s culture, this time, the Kingdom of God culture. No people who are together can exist without a culture, which truly defines their social co-existence economically and politically and finally reflects in their personality traits. Jesus took time to teach the principles of kingdom culture in Math Chapters 5 – 7 in order to have a people who can manifest the will of God on the Earth. It was not just a sermon, but a divine declaration of the attitude of every one that would make the choice and have been granted entrance into the Kingdom of God. He who teaches, is with expectation of a definite response. Therefore there was a demand placed on the listeners and readers of those words of Jesus right from that day. In other words, reading or hearing preachings on the Sermon on the Mount without a proper response, which is by putting it into practice, can only mean one thing: you do not understand what he taught and He is still teaching till date. And that in itself disqualifies you from being an inheritor of the Kingdom though you may have been close. Proper assessment of your level of understanding of what the Lord wants and taught should and can be done by you simply reading those chapters as you align your attitude with what He said. Therefore if you are a kingdom candidate, then do not wait for another message from the preacher or what we have called Sunday school class. Simply go back and read, then evaluate yourself, period!




In Nehemiah chapter 8, for him to truly complete and perfect the work of restoration and the rebuilding of Jerusalem, we are told: “on the first day of the seventh month, Ezra the Priest brought out the TEACHINGS for the crowd, men, women and all who could listen and understand…. Ezra the TEACHER stood… opened the book in full view of every one …as he opened it all the people stood up…Ezra praised the Lord…and all the people held up their hands and said, Amen! Amen! The Levites explained the TEACHINGS to the people as they stood there; they read through the Book of the TEACHINGS of God and explained what it meant so the people understood what was being read” (Vs 2- 8).  And what was the result of this?  In Vs 9 we are told “… All the people had been crying as they listened to the words of the TECHINGS” Why the cry?  You may ask.  It is simply because the people finally discovered themselves and saw how wicked they have been for forsaking the Law of the Lord which on the most part resulted in their captivities and the destruction of their city – Jerusalem. What will be the final decision in a case like this if you were involved?  Certainly you will chose never to violate the laws of God and so want to have a closer relationship with Him to avoid a future occurrence, for now you want to please Him. Can you see what I am saying?   Therefore accurate teachings will cause you to discover yourself and help define your true relationship with God. This then will be the result of teaching the right doctrines.  It will bring man closer to his maker and then he will be able to fulfill destiny in creation. So teach the right things and do so that men may understand. This understanding is knowledge resulting from learning and experience. This is absolute comprehension and it will finally produce edification.





THE END                                                                             OGAGA O.DAVID


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