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5th March 2007
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TEXT:           1Cor 14: 1 – 6.                   Part 9
“Follow, then, the way of Love, while you set your heart on the gifts of the Spirit. The highest gift you can wish for is to be able to speak the message of God (Prophecy) …For suppose I came to you, my brothers, speaking with ‘tongues’ what good could I do you unless I could give you some revelation of truth, some knowledge in Spiritual things, some message from God, (Prophecy) or some teaching (Doctrine) about the Christian life? (1Cor 14: 1, 6) Philips Trans.
In 2Chron 15: 3 we read: “Now for a long season Israel hath been without the true God, and without a teaching priest, and without Law”. It simply means the outcome of a situation like this is that of a lawless society wherein every man does whatsoever, he/she likes, walking away from God, without restrain. This is why we read in Mal 2; 7: “… The priest’s lips should keep knowledge and they should seek the Law at his mouth for he is the messenger of God the Lord of hosts”.  So essentially, when we talk about “my people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge” (Hos. 4: 6), it is as a result of lack of true teaching priest with accurate knowledge of the will and mind of God. So we discovered that when King Jehoshaphat was to bring in reforms, order and true worship in Judah, the first thing he did was to send Leaders and Levites with the book to teach the people: “These Leaders, Levites and Priests taught the people in Judah. They took the Book of the Teaching of the LORD and went through all the Towns of Judah and taught the People” 2Chron 17: 9 NCV.  So we find that this is a ministry that restores orderliness in the society, causing people to follow the way of the Father and knowing what to do to please the Lord, thereby causing their separation from the rest of the nations as a called-out royal priest hood, for what causes the difference between the nations is the understanding and the applications of the Laws of God to their lives and economic principles. 
Let us remind ourselves that the word says in 2 Jn 9 that “anyone who goes beyond the teaching of Christ has not the Father and the Son”. And so in 2Chron 15: 3 we see that Israel could not have God in their midst because they lacked a teaching priest to give the laws of God and what was the outcome of this? We are told in 2Chron 15: 5 – 6: “In those days no one could travel safely. There was much trouble in all the nations; one nation would destroy another nation, and one city would destroy another city, because God troubled them with all kinds of distress” NCV. So we can see that what we call devil’s trouble is precisely God-caused. The picture painted above is typical of what is happening in almost every society in the World today – Robbery, economic hardships, earthquakes etc. Now what is the answer to all these?  It is unfortunate that even the so-called believers, instead of asking and permitting the Lord to release these teaching priests to teach the ways and the laws of God to the people and seek repentance from our own ways, we spend nights upon nights doing what is called “All-night program” with the devil as the target with all religious Zeal of binding the devil, whereas the word has told us that “if our ways pleased the lord, He God himself will make our strongest enemy, that you call the devil to be at peace with you (us)” (Prov 16: 7). Can I be bold to tell you that some of our battles in the name of prayers are fruitless battles? Because until you amend your ways with the Lord, how do you imagine you can defeat the destructive agent of God, this time the devil, in battle?  My friend, all enemies as you call them will ever succeed until a Joshua, as a Priest of God, seek the face of God to discover that there is an Achan with an accursed thing in the house (Jos 7: 8). By the way, do you know that the name “Achan” means a troubler?  Oh, you need only to seek that out and the victory comes your way. For like a brother told us recently, you are too much of value to God that He cannot allow any devil or power to destroy you.  Please insure you fears about the devil and make your ways right with God. What we see in Christianity today is that instead of people fasting to know more of the ways of God and how to please Him, they spend seventy days, twenty days fasting to kill a devil that God has sent to them for their forsaking Him. My friend, these things are all but wasted nights and time.  The Lord came to give us REST and not battles. You have fought for so long without results, maybe you need to change your prayer pattern and know your God. Listen to the promise of the high priest of our profession, Jesus the Christ, to His elect: “And every one will hate you because you are mine and are called by my name, but not a hair of your head will perish; For if you stand firm, you will win your souls” Lk 21: 17–19 NCV.  No wonder He said: “learn of me and you shall find rest to your souls” (Math 11: 28 – 29). My friend the trouble is in our minds, emotions and intellect (soul).  What we know of what the Lord has done for His people through redemption and how to live by that instead of continuous agitation and fears of all that is going on, is the problem Christianity of today is having.
One of the major signs of a false teaching Ministry is that of fear and the devil and the get rich quickly tactics. Listen: “Now the Holy Spirit clearly says that in the later times some people will stop believing the faith. They will follow spirits that lie and teachings of demons.  Such teaching comes from the false words of liars whose consciences are destroyed as if by a hot Iron… (1Tim 4: 1 – 2) NCV “… These people must be stopped, because thy are upsetting whole families, by teaching things they should not teach, which they do to get rich by cheating people”  (Titus 1: 11) NCV.  I believe in deliverance, but when “demonology” becomes the basis for conducting deliverance in every home and city, without true discernment of the issue at stake in such homes, then we have a problem; we are gradually going into false ministry.  Let me say this here, it is true that Judah had a sexual problem that went through his generation but please observe that no other tribe is mentioned as having that same problem. Therefore to begin to conduct deliverance for the tribe of Issachar for sexual demons because of Judah is very erroneous. I beg to state that each family and tribe has their peculiar issue. This must be discerned and treated accordingly. Some people, what they need is simple: counseling and the word of God that is able to build and sanctify. Most often Ministers carry their own experiences to the pulpit as a calling and the devil validates that for them as a way of turning their mind from the truth by giving them results which is actually false wonder-working miracles. See 2Thes 2: 10 – 12 
“Jesus retuned to the Mount Olives but early the next morning he was back again at the Temple. A crowd soon gathered and he sat down and Taught them” (Jn 8: 1 – 2) NLT.  Why?  It is written in the prophets: “They will all be taught by God”. “Every one who listens to the Father and learns from Him Comes to me” (Jn 6: 45) NCV.  So you see, accurate teachings that come from the heart of the Father will draw men unto Jesus; that is why it is a process of edification. May the lord help the Church to teach and see accurately.

TO BE CONTINUED                                                              OGAGA O. DAVID

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