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3rd September 2007

(News links from 6th Sept 07. Church & State Video 16th Sept 07)

Discovering More

There is always more to discover. More to find out.

Some nations seem to think that religion is opposed to reason & fact. This is the myth that men would want us to believe. Hence any "religious" person is deemed foolish and troublesome.

They forget the origins of our universities and schools. They forget the foundations our nations were built on.

It is only remembered when disaster strikes. People gunned down. Vicious attacks. Horrendous stories.

Then the God that is denied is blamed.

The horror of man left to his devices is clear for all to see. Yet men refuse to return. An attempt to eat their cake & have it.

Our Faith is based on evidence that far outweighs what many cling to as "fact". This is not just mere "fancy".

So "religion" has been confined to the day of your wedding, even this is fast disappearing; the day of your death, at the time of mourning. But at the time of mirth, many seem to forget.

They can not see that in every single thing religion exists: a form , a structure, a belief system, an authority-figure. Whether that be a Drink-culture; a Sports-culture; an Academic-culture; a Music culture.

We fail to see that spirit punctures into every facet of our lives. Human emotion is fueled by it. What makes us shed a tear when we see a good film? What makes us outraged when we hear of child abuse?

The deeper we dig, the more we see clearly the obvious that is denied because men are afraid.

"Afraid of what you?" you ask.

Afraid that they are accountable to Someone higher than themselves. Afraid that there are rules that even they are not above. Afraid of the unknown if those rules are broken. So they fight like spoilt children to refuse to acknowledge those rules by using their own constructs to attempt to discredit the Universal One.

Consider this slideshow Tell Me He Does Not Exist.

P.S. Happy Labor Day to my American friends!

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16th September 2007


I'm not an American, so won't be able to vote; nor do I have any party affiliation, but presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's recent speech gives a clear & short explanation of the "supposed" separation between Church & State. Just another aspect in our journey of discovery. Watch below.