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4th April 07 (Updated 19th Sept 08)


Dr. Lorraine Day developed severe advanced cancer and almost died - which became her supreme motivating factor for finding out how to get well. She recovered by natural methods, without chemotherapy, radiation or mutilating surgery. In the process of her research, she discovered that there are known causes for virtually every disease, even though this is never taught to doctors in medical school (Info from her website).

As a former Associate Orthopaedic Surgery Professor, she starts her talk with training in Medical School & its limitations. She then takes us through Nutrition (00:04:00), benefits of Water (at 00:36:00); different disease conditions like Heart Disease (at 00:50:00), Conventional Cancer treatment, her victory over her own cancer battle (at 1:02:00), Autoimmune Diseases (at 1:30:00), Diabetes (at 1:53:00), Allergies (at 2:01:00) and lots of other needful information.

The answers she gives about many of the diseases have been referenced in medical journals but not known to the wider public.

A real essential video for every home! 

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Dr. Lorraine Day, MD. 2hrs 17mins

19th Sept 08 - Google video removed. See video in 4 parts below.