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23rd July 2007

Hi Guys,

Britain under a serious deluge. Families displaced. First the Midlands. Now the South-west. No pipe-borne water supply for 150,000-200,000 people for the next few days. Cut electricity supplies in the South-west. And it only took a couple of days, if not hours, for nature to wreak her havoc. (Why is nature always called a "she"?)

Really does seem like a war-zone when you look at the News.

I join with others in praying for the safety of all affected. Just missed us where I am (South-East), but you never know where it will strike next.

There is still much more rain to come, and we must brace ourselves.

So is this global warming? I dunno. But it's definitely cyclical patterns, similar to 1947 it's been said.

We could blame the drains being hundreds of years old, and the flood defences not being re-enforced, and the lack of more funding etc...

But it's been brilliant seeing everyone in the community pooling together. Does always make us think about how perishable our "stuff" really is. Really is painful and devastating to lose the house, the pictures,  things that have been racked up over long years through hard work...

But hey, spare a thought for the 100's who've just died in China in floods in the past few days as well.

Ah Nature. The untamed. The untrained. Adam was told to dress and keep you. This also is our duty. May we go about it well.

Stay blessed today,


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