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16th July 2007


A wonderful testimony by David Weber

"Do the right thing"

Just one of many testimonies from Toronto.
16th July 2007

On Saturday night Rob and I were walking down "Church Street" (ironically - the most debaucherous street in Toronto) when in the doorway of an abandoned building we encountered a homeless young girl named "Angie."
When I first saw Angie, I knew immediately that the Father was calling us to help her, so I walked over to her and she said to us, "Who are you guys? There is something VERY different about you guys." To this I just grabbed Angie's hand and touched her cheek and let her know just how much the Father loves her.
The Spirit was strongly impressing upon me the need to let Angie know that she is dearly loved. I joked around with her a bit, but I kept telling her over and over again about how much the Father loves her, about how much we love her, and about how we desire to help her.
As I talked with Angie, she would switch between different personalities with different names. She clearly suffered from what is clinically known as MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). Angie revealed that there were five different sisters who speak and act through her, and we heard several of these speak through her, even having discussions (and even arguments) among themselves.     
In response to all of this demonic activity, the Holy Spirit simply moved me to lay my hand on Angie's head and firmly command the unclean spirits to leave her. To this, Angie's body convulsed a bit, but then the unclean spirits simply left. Angie's mind was then clear from all of the demonic influence. She recognized that something very powerful had just happened to her and she said, "Wow! Just who are you guys? What has just happened to me?" 
At this point Angie no longer exhibited ANY of the characteristics of MPD, but she was still a little drunk. I then bent down next to her and just hugged her. I felt led to continually affirm to her that she is dearly loved. I then asked her if she wanted to get something to eat, but she said  "No." I then told her that Rob and I were going to try and grab a bite to eat somewhere, but after that, we just might be back. We then walked on, but the Spirit shortly returned us right back to Angie.
When we got back to Angie, she began to beg and plead with us to help her get off of the street and into a shelter. Now, I've become pretty familiar with some of the programs and shelters in NYC, but we had just gotten to Toronto and I hadn't a clue as to where a woman's shelter even was, not to mention knowing if Angie could even walk to one. We were in the middle of one of the most perverse sections of Toronto on a Saturday night, and there were drunk revelers (drag queens, prostitutes - you name it) all around us, so help from someone off of the street seemed quite unlikely at that time. So ... we just prayed.
The Father then simply said, "Do the right thing." I knew that "thing" was to get Angie off of the street and into a shelter; something that seemed impossible for us to do at the time, but not impossible for God. 
I told Angie that we were going to have to leave her for a while, that we were going to try and find a shelter for her. I told her that if we found a shelter that would take her in that we would be back for her to take her to it. She then said, "Okay", but I sensed in my spirit that she thought that we were going to abandon her as she had probably been abandoned by people for most of her life. The burden in me to help this girl only intensified.
Rob and I then walked back towards the Hostel where we were staying, and when we turned the corner to our street I noticed a brownstone building with a small plaque on the wall that said "St. Mary's" something or other. There was a young girl sitting on a step smoking a cigarette outside of this building, and I asked her, "What is this place? St Mary's?" She said, "Why it's a shelter." I said, " A shelter for women?" She said, "Yes."
Rob and I then looked at one another with smiling hearts. We recognized that the Lord was surely up to something.
We talked with this girl for a bit, and we told her about Angie. This girl then told us that they could possibly take Angie in there, but that they would not allow her in if she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I then thought perhaps that Angie might have to spend another night out on the street until she sobered up, but this, for some reason was just not acceptable to my spirit.
Rob and I then went to our room to pray. It was now about 1:30 AM, Sunday morning, and I asked Rob if he would walk back with me (about 10 blocks) to where Angie was so that we could let her know that we'd be back for her in the morning when she sobered up. I just couldn't bear the thought of Angie thinking that we had abandoned her. Rob said that he'd go with me.
Well, not much to our surprise, Angie was no longer in the doorway where we had first found her, so, not fully knowing what the Lord was doing yet, we just headed back to the Hostel for the night.
Upon rounding the corner to our street where the woman's shelter was, Rob and I noticed some women out on the front porch of the shelter. One of those women was ANGIE! Somehow, through our prayerful intervention for her, the Lord had the police pick Angie up and bring her right to the shelter that He had brought our attention to earlier! Upon seeing Angie, we walked up the steps to the shelter where she met us with hugs and tears. We spoke with the director of the shelter who was out on the porch also, and she said that because Angie was drunk, they could not take her in there. She said that she had contacted another place, though, and she said that they said that they would take her in! A cab had also been called to take Angie to this place! Rob and I were truly rejoicing and praising God for His marvelous works!
Angie was still very scared, though, so I told her (and the director of the shelter) that we would wait outside with Angie until the cab came for her. Angie found comfort in knowing this, and she kept putting her arm around me and asked me if we could possibly come with her to the shelter. I told her that we couldn't do that, but that she need not be afraid anymore because the Father was leading her in the way that she was now going. I continued to let her know just how much she is loved, and I assured her that everything was going to be okay. 
The cab came, and we put this dearly beloved child of God into the back seat, trusting that she was now being led in the way that the Father was prescribing for her. Rob and I returned to our Hostel room to get some rest. It was after 2 AM now, and it had been a long day of battling "on behalf of the children." We hoped to grab a few hours of sleep before heading back out onto the streets again in the morning. I went to sleep rejoicing and praising God. I was glad that Rob and I had not given up on Angie. No, we really did "Do the right thing." 
If you feel so led ... please pray for Angie; "the least of these," our sister. 
Bless you all,



I've been asking the Lord just how He wants me to pray for the city of Toronto. This is what I have heard ...

"Do not pray for the outpouring of My Spirit upon this city, for the people of Toronto are not yet ready for that. But rather, pray for a prophetic people to arise in this city, David, a people who will go forth in the spirit and power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the understanding of the righteous. In this way a people will be made ready for the great outpouring of My Spirit.
"The Kingdom of Heaven is itself continuously pressing forward with great urgency, son, and I desire to bring forth a people in the earth who will press forward with it toward the goal of bringing the Kingdom of God to earth in greater measure than has ever been seen or experienced before.
"Even now, son, there are those who are grasping a hold of the Kingdom and are drawing it up unto themselves. These are they who are taking the Kingdom by force, son. This 'taking of the Kingdom by force' represents an authoritative walk in the spirit whereby all enemies are put underfoot, David. This is the way of the Kingdom to come, son, and is a model for a ministry that will make all other ministry ... obsolete."

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