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13th April 2007

Hi Guys,

Okay we're unto Part 2 (Part 1 here) of our journey through H.A. Baker's documentations of visions. (Another good book for corroborative evidence is Anna Rountree's Book: "The Heavens Opened" ,1999.)

Sorry this series may be a hard read for those not used to "Old" English (KJV or Shakespeare), but stick with it. It's really needed to aid our perspective on earth and heaven.

(As a side note, some of you liked yesterday's video on the lady with half a body . Amazing what you can do if determined and not limited by your thinking!)

Before today's email, watch this thought-provoking and wonderful 3 (three) min video about Thanking God. You'd be surprised what people are thanking Him for!!  Racism, Rape, Cancer, to name just a few!!  It brought tears to my eyes!

What's YOUR own story?

Now you can read today's email! The quotes of Marrieta Davis' experience are continued.

Stay blessed today,


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By H.A. Baker (1881-1971)

( Part 2 of 4 Excerpt from “The Three Worlds”)

The Third Paradise Plain

Soon we drew near that which at first appeared like a city built in the midst of a floral plain. There appeared stately edifices and streets lined with trees whose foliage cast a lovely shade. In the branches birds of all colors appeared; and although all were singing with different notes, all mingled in one full and perfect harmony. Many corresponded to these on earth, and yet were as superior to them as the Paradise itself was superior to the mortal earth.

'As we advanced, the beauty and harmony increased, and new scenes appeared, the architecture of the edifices, the sculptures in the open air, the fountains that sparkled in the light, the trees that waved their extended branches, the flowers and flowering vines becoming more majestic, interwoven and beautiful. There were also many avenues, each of which slightly ascending led to a common center toward which we pursued our way.

"As we advanced, I perceived before me a vast and complicated structure, whose outer walls and towers appeared formed of marble, that was in appearance delicate as snow. This served as the foundation of a vast canopy like a dome, though far too extended to be expressed by the earthly architectural meaning of that term. We drew near the building, and I perceived that the dome was suspended over the vast circular space.

‘This’, said my guide, ‘is the place where all infants of every race from thy globe are gathered for the instruction and support of their infant natures. Thou didst discover edifices on either side as we moved along the avenues. Each of these corresponds to what mortals call a nursery for the young. These infants are first conducted there and nourished beneath the smile of their guardian angels. Each edifice, though somewhat varying, is a miniature of this vast central temple of instructive manifestation, and each edifice, or nursery, is a home for the infant spirits who enter there, until they attain to higher degrees, and enter the Paradise of more advanced youthful existence for degrees of instruction adapted to a more intellectual condition. Over each of these mansions, or edifices, are appointed seven maternal guardian angels. Thou seest, Marietta, that no two edifices are perfectly alike in interior beauty, external form or decoration, but that all harmoniously combine; and also that each guardian angel is different in the radiative light and individuality of the face and form. This thou art permitted to know.’

" ‘Whenever an infant dies on earth, the guardian angel who bears up the spirit to the Land of Peace, perceives its interior type of mind, and according to its type it is classed with others of like order of intelligence; and as the skillful gardener on earth in one floral division trains the various Species of the lily, and in another compartment roses, and in another camelias or the honey suckles; so here angelic wisdom classifies the infant spirits, and according to their variety of artistic, scientific, and social tendencies, assigneth each to a home best adapted to the unfolding of its interior germs of life, into intellectual, artistic, or industrial harmony.

" ‘( 1 ) Over each edifice preside seven guardian angels, each angel being of that type of mind which agrees with his associates, as one note harmonizes with the associate tones and semitones of the harmonic scale.

" ‘(2) Each of these seven guardians is the superior of a subordinate octave of more youthful spirits, who perform duties assigned to them, according to their type of being, in the harmonic system of paradisaical instruction; and (3) each of these presides over a separate class of infant beings.’

" ‘Seven of these edifices compose one great family: that is, each is a separate place of instruction, bosomed in its own separate gardens and enclosures as one of seven of associate variety, and of like degree. Seven of these in their turn form the subordinate divisions of one more composite and magnificent palatial temple, whose center pavilion is adapted to instruction in more exalted degrees of paradisaical truth.’

" ‘The center palace of each ward is thus a magnificent temple of instruction, encircled in artistic splendors and floral harmonies, corresponding to its degree, and this is surrounded by seven lesser pavilions of architectural beauty, encircled by corresponding adornments adapted to their subordinate but exalted conditions; and each of these last is also the center of a lesser octave of edifices, also adorned with stately forms of blooming and sculptured perfection. In these last the infants dwell, and are led forth each day, or each successive period corresponding thereto, to the superior palaces, and to the center pavilion for the edification of their unfolding natures.’ "

Thus in each of these temples of instruction where infants are first received there are seven superior guardian angels who preside over all. Under each of these are seven other angels, each in charge of a class of infants. Accordingly, there are forty-nine classes of infants in each of these temples, or edifices.

These great temples of instruction are each in separate, park-like surroundings of wonderful beauty. They differ one from another, and are of three different degrees. There is (1) the great central temple, then (2) immediately under its direction are seven other temples of the second rank, and (3) under each of these there are seven temples of third rank, making in all forty-nine of this rank. In each ward, therefore, there are fifty-four temples located on either side of beautiful avenues, each palace in its own surroundings and separated from others by spacious lawns and Eden-like conditions. These fifty four temples and their adjoining parks constitute but one of the one hundred and forty-four wards which, in all make up the whole of the infant Paradise.

The Interior of an Infant Nursery in Paradise

"To my already astonished spirit, there appeared visible the interior of one of these nurseries, supremely light with the glory thereof, and adorned with artistic beauty correspondent to the majestic appearance of the paradise for infants.

"The interior that was opened before me was that of a temple gloriously adorned. In circular tiers, one rising above another, were niches, or segments of circles, as wrought in gold and overshadowed with a seraph. In each reposed an infant spirit. Before each one was an attending or guardian angel, whose employment consists in fitting for higher life the germ formation of the spirit for its external existence in holy usefulness (service). The angel breathes upon it and every breath causes its capacity and life to expand, for the breath is that of holy love and inspiration, as her life is in God whose quickening Spirit pervades all angels in the heavens.

As we entered, I saw that those infants, as they I awoke to still greater consciousness, and as they beheld their angel bending over them, wore an expressive smile, and were happy.

"These silken cradle-like niches, or resting places, where each child nestled were adorned with beautiful flowers everywhere. Could you enter those with me you would behold in the center, held in an angel's hand, a cross as of pure, transparent, and spiritualized gold....

"There are angels appointed, who touch in softest notes, the varied instruments upon which melody is made. This music is ever mingling with that of angelic voices of sweet and heavenly utterance. The dome, or temple, is so constructed as to echo, in gentle undulations, each strain, which appears to move with the life of the place. So soft, sweet, and melodious was that music, that it served as life to give action and strength to the spirit nerve of those who were reposing beneath the smile of their guardians. 'This,' said the spirit who had conducted me there, 'is but one of the many of these great temples, and corresponds to all in this degree. Here—oh! that earthly parents could realize it—is, as it were, the birth place of those who are not permitted to tarry in the outer form (die in infancy) until understanding awakes within them. From this (the palace of lowest degree) they ascend to places prepared." (palaces of higher degrees)........’

Jesus Appears in lnfant Nursery

"As He spoke guardian angels drew near, and each presented Him with their treasure.

“He moved His hand above them, and goodness like dew-drops fell therefrom, and the infants appeared to drink as from a fountain of living water. They were blessed. The emanation from that Being was the breath of life. The temple wore a new aspect. As the scene was closing, the angels who attended Him played upon stringed instruments, and sung of Redemption. He moved His gracious hand as if in approbation of what the guardian angels had done; and they all bowed and veiled their faces in the garment of glory that encompassed them. Suddenly music, like the voice of many waters, arose from every temple in the broad nursery of the great city And as the utterance moved forth in one swelling wave of angelic song, that Being with those who had accompanied Him, reascended, and the angels of this temple resumed their former movement."

“In explaining this sudden city-wide outburst of praise the angel said, ‘These happy beings, Marietta, could no more refrain from that full manifestation of joy and thanksgiving than life could cease to flow from Him who is the Author of life. Thus it is throughout heaven, and more especially all abodes of preparation for spirits of the redeemed. Dost thou not realize that each breath of those beings around thee is but a separate volume of praise to God?’

“ ’These children having been blessed by the Lord were promoted to the charge of another group of angels to be taken to other palaces, or nurseries, for higher instruction. As these were promoted, a new class of infants just from earth were admitted to take their places.’ And now was approaching a scene in which I should witness the


Reception of Infants Coming from Earth

"I saw, above and around, angels poising in the serene atmosphere, waiting with their treasures the moment to arrive for them to enter the temple. When the former angels had given up their charge, and were preparing to receive another class, these entered and occupied the center around the cross. At first, their movement was irregular, but not disturbed. Then the softest and most gentle music commenced, as if harmony had awakened from her sacred stillness, and moved in almost silent utterance like some spirit breath from the heart of gentleness and love.

"That which is nourished by each angel is a spirit whose being is just begun, and who, by reason of nature's violated laws, has been separated prematurely from its infant form in the external world. This soft music thrills every fiber of the being, while the Supreme Spirit is reorganizing and giving it enlarged capacity—fitting each organ to its fellow organ in the harmony of perfection, thus establishing tone and proper energy in the system.

The Crucifixion Scene

"There, oh! that all the world but knew it! there hung upon the cross—and from all I could discover, bleeding and dying—my Lord and Redeemer! that sight! No human heart can know its effect upon the spirits who attend in the Infant Paradise. The crown of thorns, the nails and mangled form, the flowing blood, the look of compassion, were so plainly manifested and combined, as to convey to the soul an idea of suffering the most intense and excruciating.

"About the cross guardian angels were congregating from every part of the city, with their infant spirits. All, as they gathered in a circular form, manifested deep humility and holy reverence. As soon as they had assumed this uniform attitude they held out the infant spirits whom they had in charge, directing their infant minds to the Cross and the Sacrifice. At this moment an angel descended, clothed in bright raiment, and moved around the cross, holding in his hand his glittering crown. Then bowing he worshipped, and his worship was silent as had been that of all who had congregated. After this, turning to the guardian angels he said, 'Adore Him, for He is the Redeemer of a ruined race. Yea, let all heaven adore Him?' Then as He lifted up His right hand, I saw in it a little book. In imitation all the angels in like manner raised their right hands, in each of which was also a book of like dimensions. Then appeared, as from an invisible dome, a choir of angelic beings. These had palms in their hands, and with one voice sang praises to God and the Lamb. The first I could not understand, but they concluded saying, 'Suffer children to come unto Me. Of such is the kingdom. Out of the mouths of sucklings and babes Thou hast perfected praise. Amen, alleluia, amen!' Then the guardian angels drew still nearer the cross, presenting the spirits (babies) in their charge, while they were addressed in a manner entirely beyond my comprehension; at the close of which each infant was touched with a stream of light. They smiled and bowed their heads, while holding up in their little clasped hands the image of the cross, which had been given them by their angels. Again they were folded in the arms of their protectors; and again the choir chanted a loud anthem which, being echoed by the surrounding spirits, filled the city with one volume of holy melody. Then the Cross and Sacrifice disappeared, the angels returning whence they had come, and the city was restored to its former appearance.

" 'Is there no heaven without the Cross and the Sacrifice?' I enquired. 'Each scene moves around its manifestation. Each spirit reverences it with holy awe, and each hymn of praise utters the name of the Sacrifice,' she replied with suppressed accents. 'The Cross is ever before the vision of redeemed spirits. In every circle is seen the Cross. Every flower, every artistic production has the Cross, as by an invisible hand, inwrought throughout. And all instruction is based on that blessed symbol of redeeming love, and it is the duty of the guardian angels to instruct the spirits of their charge, in the great truth of redemption, through Jesus, who suffered upon the cross, and for this purpose each class of spirits, as they pass from their first guardian protectors, to the care of others are in like manner congregated. And by this means the

Cross and the Sacrifice are imaged and instamped within their interior sense; and hence its nature and likeness grow into higher life and more exalted being with them. All redeemed and sanctified spirits are thus made to appear. No guile can in any way be found in them. All angels can behold the Cross as it shines forth from the soul which has received its impress. For this cause malicious spirits or beings cannot conceal from angels or the spirits of just men made perfect, their real nature. Where the Cross does not shine there is no pure love; and the heart whereon it is not visible, is not at peace with God."

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