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Posted on this site 14th April 2007


By H.A. Baker (1881-1971)

 ( Part 3 of 4 Excerpt from “The Three Worlds”)


General View of Whole Infant Paradise

"Beneath me the sublime Temple of Instruction (the central temple), builded of most precious materials, and in a style of architecture which I am unable to describe, arose in the air from the center of a circular lawn of great extent, whose green surface appeared covered with the softest and richest verdure. Majestic trees in groups and at regular intervals arose, bearing a profusion of fragrant and shining clusters of flowers. Beneath their shade, and on the more open spaces, appeared minute flower beds, filled with every variety of flowers and blossoming shrubs, and vines. Fountains of living waters also were visible, some just rising from the green grass, and flowing through their marble channels, or through beds of golden sands with a low and pleasant murmur; while others gushed forth in full volume to a lofty height, and descended in glowing streams of every variety of form, and were received in basins, some of which were like diamonds, and others like burnished silver or whitest pearl.


"This lawn was encircled by a lofty but open trellis work; and at its eastern side appeared a gateway without doors, from the centre of which flowed forth a stream of living water, supplied from the fountains within the enclosure.


"I now directed my attention to the surrounding city, and perceived that it was divided into twelve great divisions by this river of living waters, which flowing in a spiral course, was bordered on either side by a wide and regular avenue, in twelve great curves or circles, proceeding from the centre to the circumference. I also perceived that twelve other streets intersected this spiral avenue, these streets centering in the consecrated ground around the Temple, and radiating to twelve equally divided points in the outer limit of the scene.


"As my vision followed the pathway of the flowing river and the stately avenues, my mind became absorbed till all sense of person or time was merged in the entrancing sight. The city was divided into one hundred and forty-four wards, or divisions, arranged in a series of advancing degrees of sublimity and beauty. From the outer limit to the center was one gently ascending and encircling pathway of ever increasing loveliness. Each degree was marked by new and more beautiful forms of tree, flower, fountain, statute, palace, and temple of adoration. Each building was of vast extent, and corresponded with all others as the perfect part of a most perfect whole. Thus the entire city appeared one garden of flowers; one grove of umbrage; one gallery of sculptured imagery; one undulating sea of fountains, one unbroken extent of sumptious architecture all set in a surrounding landscape of corresponding beauty, and overarched by a sky adorned with hues of immortal light, that bathed and encircled each and every object with an ever-varying and increasing charm.


"I now beheld the movements of the inhabitants, but faint is the idea that can be given of what was moving before my sight. I can only describe it by saying that the entire movement was melody. All the angelic multitudes appeared animated from one inspiring love, moving in the wisdom of one orderly plan, and having in view the unfolding of their infant charge into a condition of being which should perfectly correspond to all that visible perfection. No angel manifested a separate personal movement, disconnected from the universal harmony, but all appeared to co-operate and appeared to be inspired from one Superior source. I saw that no rivalry, emulation, or desire of selfish glory existed in the lovely group of infants, but that each group, and the inhabitants of each nursery or palace, were united in holy affection to the superior, associate, and more mature societies; and that each little child was filled with holy love, and desired to become advanced in holy wisdom and fitted to be used as an angel of light and loveliness. I saw also, that each delighted to learn from those above to communicate beautiful forms, as gifts of holy love and wisdom to those below, and to exercise the entire being in harmonic and unselfish works of love. In this it was revealed, that each child and each group of children advanced in orderly series, from temple to temple, from palace to palace, from circle to circle, and that as one group advanced it occupied the place just vacated by an older group and gave place to a more youthful family, in its former abode. Thus like the movement of Spring upon some unfallen Paradise, I saw each child, as a living blossom of immortality, unfold from beauty to beauty, while all above was glory, and all around was loveliness, and all within was harmonious movement of unfolding love, love and knowledge of heaven and adoration of the Savior, and inspiration of undying joy.


"Having thus beheld the city in its glory, usefulness and magnificence, my vision expanded, and beyond the extreme circle of palaces, I saw more perfectly, what I had seen before while in the city, multitudes of angels gathering around, in readiness to enter the other temples at the appointed period. I saw that each class was congregating according to the class or school to which the infants they had with them was best adapted.


"These angels approached as on wings of wind, and around them, enrobing them, was a bright cloud, which made them appear to me as if clothed with the sun. In their arms, as before stated, were infant spirits whose existence appeared to depend upon their care.

"As they drew very near, each would pause a moment, poising in the holy and serene atmosphere, and then inclining in an appropriate position would rest.

"This most glorious view in its delightful unfoldings was now somewhat changed, and my guide addressed me, saying, 'Marietta, behold the order and glorious wonders of the first and most simple degree of a spiritual Paradise. These angels thou hast seen in their employment, are ever engaged in this delightful duty. Here, as has been taught thee, infants assemble from the world whence we are; and from this blessed place they are conducted to other and higher schools of instruction.' "


In summary, then, it can be seen that the central palace of the Infant Paradise is in an Eden-like park. On three sides it is shut off from the rest of Paradise while, like the Garden in the east of Eden, it is open to the east. From here, too, a river flows forth to water all of its Paradise. This river, whose source is in the springs and fountains in this Eden Garden, after flowing out of the eastern gate, or opening, encircles the Garden in twelve increasing and gradually descending circles until the river reaches the outer boundaries of Paradise. Twelve avenues converging from the farthest boundaries and crossing the twelve rivers (the river in the twelve circles) thus divide this Paradise into one hundred and forty-four wards. As we have seen, in each of these wards are fiftyfour palaces of instruction, arranged in groups of seven according to their various degrees.


Angels carry the infants from earth to heaven, where at regular intervals these children are admitted to the lowest order of palaces. From thence they are gradually promoted from palace to palace, or nursery to nursery, until they reach the central Palace in the center of the childrens' Garden of Eden.


Interior View of Central Palace

Within this central temple "The music of the infant choralists arose from their pure hearts, filling the expanse and swelling into gentle waves, which harmoniously moved along the atmosphere above. But grandeur was added to the scene as I beheld them formed into bands, and uniting class with class, made one throughout—each class being composed of equal numbers, each spirit glowing with the holy fire of the sacred hymn.


"Moving from band to band was a female spirit, clothed in raiment pure and white.

Upon her head was a crown set with gems, which shone with the brightness of the sun. In her left hand she held an open volume, in her right, a sceptre. She appeared to observe every infant, and to clearly distinguished every voice, so as to know the relation of their different qualities to each other, and thence to all. Likewise, her every movement was noticed by the infants who sought to imitate her, even as pupils do their instructors in schools with men.


"The parts of music performed were manifold, yet in harmony; and the melody was the beauty of perfection. As they sang, their spirit fingers moved over their soft and mellow-toned harps, while all were increasingly inspired with confidence which, adding to the melody, appeared to blend them into one great soul, whose breath was the spirit and harmony of celestial love."

From this central temple, after being bidden fare well, and after receiving instructions as to her mission to earth and as to the time of her return to heaven, Miss Davis



Returned to Earth Again

She says: "The time had come for my departure. I looked around upon the scenes of that lovely city and upon its happy inhabitants. I offered myself in thanksgiving to God for the blessing of immortality and, above all, for the gift of grace in Jesus, who is the Redeemer; and before the multitudes I lifted to my Lord my hands and voice in prayer for support in that hour, that I might be kept in His love who had blessed me. Then I was borne in the arms of angels to the gateway of the temple, where I first met the Lord; and from thence— while angels chanted praise to God and the Lamb—with my former guide I descended to earth; and then entering the room where my body lay I soon awoke.


"Patiently I await the hour which I know is determined, when I shall go hence and enjoy the fruition of those realms of bliss, where my spirit obtained its assurance of joy. I will praise my heavenly Father for my hope in Jesus, which is worth ten thousand worlds to me. And when I arrive in Paradise, free from mortality, I will praise Him with an undivided and pure heart, and with holy lips. There I will, in loud anthems, exalt the name of my Redeemer while Eternity endures."


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