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23rd August 2007
(Slightly expanded. With Jesus & Mythology video link 6th Sept 07)


Hi Guys,

Someone wrote to me recently whether I knew about the 7th Messenger and that if I didn't, I should know and be following his teachings. I told him I did. I told him because of it I was excommunicated for a while in secondary school almost 2 decades ago (that makes me feel old!). I also told him that even then in my youth I knew that one man did not "have it all". He didn't reply me back.

You see friends, whichever camp you gravitate too, remember that everyone only has a facet of truth. Whether it be John Calvin, Preston Eby, Emmanuel Swedenborg, William Branham, John Wimbur, Kathryn Kuhlman etc.. (the list is really really really long. So I'll stop there.). If we are to believe the vision given to Jesse Duplantis, he saw apostle Paul still discussing teachings of the Bible with a group of saints even in heaven! We have A LOT to learn!

"He was a burning and a shining light and you were willing for a season to rejoice in that light..." John 5:35-37.
"...if another shall come in his own name him you will receive." John 5:43

Friends, it is time for us to lay hold of Christ!

We humans like to look for absolute perfection in one person. We gather round that one and uphold them as the great one. [I hope our political affiliations don't disappoint us as well.] So Christ was very stern and absolute in His statements. No other leader of a major religion has said what He said. He didn't say I am "a" way, but THE WAY. He didn't say that I speak "a" truth about God, but that I am THE TRUTH.

I have been corresponding for the past few weeks with Professor Gary Habermas, a world authority on the historicity of the resurrection of Christ. I had encountered a topic that was spreading like wildfire on the internet (Zeitgeist part 1. A  well made movie that should cause no fear to the truth-seeker.) and since I knew he had a wealth of experience in it, I contacted him. Hopefully I can write a little about that sometime.

Many don't understand why Christianity has to be so exclusive in its statements. Many don't actually know that Christianity is historically accurate. Jesus Christ is Fact, not fable. It is not just mere belief in a "good man". Many don't know that Jesus Christ as the foundation for Christianity is so water-tight, the atheists tremble at the wealth of information if more people knew. So they speak in relativistic terms, use half-truths, and slanderous modernistic words, bombarding our air and mind-waves daily with their aggressive "theology" to try and dissuade the genuine seeker, while cementing their unbelief further.

Christianity is grabbing hold of the God-Man. If Christ doesn't exist, then we are just playing games. If the resurrection didn't happen, humanity has no hope at all. These are the "damnable" heresies Paul and Peter always talked about in their epistles. These are the only teachings that strike at the core of our faith. Either Christ's own claims about Himself are true, or you can believe other texts that come hundreds of years after Him that say otherwise, or those that copy Christianity and attempt to "back-date" their claims. And for others actually before it, it would indicate a commonality of source -- The Bible in the Sky: The Zodiac! The question is: Is it a sign-post to Christ rather than the origin of Christianity? Which religions have stuck to the sign it pointed too?

We have been told that humans are sexual creatures.


Man is a religious creature with a desire to worship and be worshipped. The "revered" sexual process is only a part of this. Consider the religious expressions of our supposed "secular" arenas (with their huge fan-bases & media attention)) of Hollywood Idols, Music & Sports Superstars, and Business & Academic "gods". The list can go on. No one is excluded, including Christians.

It is time to re-direct men's hearts to the true object of worship that they really seek.

All the above is only wrong [nothing wrong with being honored] when we take them out of context of who we really are: God-creatures made in His image. Our words may deny this, but our actions do not.

May this help you to dig further for Truth.

Let our vision be broad friends: there is a whole world out there hurting.

Let us not say something to someone and then think the opposite of them. That is not Christ, but that is the way of the nations.

Let us not pretend any more, but let our yea be yea and our nay be nay.

Habbakuk wrote about a vision. (Hab 2:2-3)

Methinks that appointed time is NOW.



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