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4th August 2007

Killing & Destroying, or Abundant Life

David Weber

I'm going to share with you here my response to a brother's comment regarding our battle against Satan's plans and purposes for "killing our bodies and destroying our faith" ...

I feel led to speak to this ...
It seems to me that there is a place in God where all we see is Him. What I mean by that is, once we truly come to know the sovereignty of our Father; He Who "forms light and creates darkness" and He Who makes "both peace and evil," then we no longer "engage in battle with the enemy" (not as most Christians think of that "battle," anyway) but rather, we are just able to discern God's purposes in USING darkness and evil for good. We then can be sensitive to the Father's timing to put an end to evil and dark situations, because we can recognize when the divine purposes for those things have been fulfilled.
I think that because many Christians today don't know the Father very well, they have no mind for His purposes in things (even evil things), so they often fight against things that they are supposed to suffer for a while, and they suffer things that they are actually supposed to fight against.
I know of the authority that we have over the works of the devil, and when the Father gives me a word to exercise that authority, then that is exactly what I do. But I also know how the Father uses the devil as a tool in His hand for the perfecting of His saints. So I am also careful to be sensitive to His timing for things -- to know when to "suffer" and allow something, and to know when He wants me to pray against something or take authority over it. Are you with me?
These things have been carved on my heart in deep and profound ways, brother. I'll give you a brief example...
About a year and a half ago, I was in Albany ministering to a woman who was experiencing kidney failure due to an error in the prescription for her blood pressure medication (she's okay now - she was healed while I was there, but that is not the point). This woman was quite distraught when I first met with her, as death was looking her in the face and she was very fearful of dying.
I told this lady one day while we were walking, "Because of my relationship with the Lord, I have no fear of death." Well, I really didn't think that I had any at the time, but God would soon use the devil as HIS TOOL to prove otherwise. 
Now, I knew when those words came out of my mouth that I was going to be tested and tried by them. I had been praying that I, like Job, could say, "Though He slay me, I will trust Him," and God had a plan in the works to build some big TRUST in me. So, like with Job, our Father said to the "enemy," "Go ahead and touch David's flesh, but you cannot kill him."
(I'll cut right to the chase here)
Just a couple of days after those words about "no fear of death" came out of my mouth ... my kidneys pretty much shut down. Yep. I soon found myself smack dab in the middle of the same situation as the woman that I was ministering to. Now I don't have time to go into all of the details of this here, but let's just say that the Father commanded me at the time not to seek any medical attention for the affliction, but rather, He insisted that I just TRUST HIM in it, even if the thing kill me. For a few days there, brother, the Father even refused to let me (or anyone else) even pray for me to be healed (He had given me a promise that this thing wasn't going to lead to death, so I was holding onto that).
Now, was I going through this because God wanted me to be sick? No, of course not. The Father was simply bringing me beyond my present level of faith on into just the kind of TRUST relationship with HIM that I had asked for. What I was going through was etched into His divine plan for my perfecting. The illness that had come upon me WAS PRESCRIBED BY GOD, administered through the devil, and was something that I WAS TO SUFFER (allow) UNTIL He, my sovereign DAD, got what He was after IN MY HEART! (that was a fear of death that I didn't even know was there).
Do you see what I'm getting at here, brother? God simply used "the enemy" as the smith to blow on the fiery coals that were being used for my purification. Sure "the enemy wants to kill our bodies and our faith," but who cares! Our Father is big enough to use every wicked thing that the devil tries for our perfecting! A big point that I'm trying to make here is that many Christians today place way too much emphasis and focus on their physical healing or their deliverance when God is not even concerned with many of the things they are "praying about" and "warring against" because those very things are being used (for a time) in the perfecting of their souls! Our souls are what need perfecting at this time of Kingdom development, not our bodies! Salvation means to be MADE WHOLE! This is a progressive work - it starts in our spirits (free gift), gets worked out (through trials and afflictions) in our souls, which then leads to the full redemption of our bodies! Many Christians have the process of salvation all twisted and out of order, dear brother! When the mind, will, and emotions of man come into complete subjection to the Spirit of the Lord, THEN resurrection life and power will flow out into the man's physical body to the point of perfection (of course, we're talking about divine health here, not just occasional healings).
I hope that I'm making some sense here. Eternal Life is to know the Father. To know the Father is to understand His ways, and to COOPERATE with Him in His work of perfecting us. I tell ya, man, there are a lot of people out there who are fighting against God in their praying for healing and deliverance (for themselves and others), and that because these people simply cannot SEE things through the Father's eyes. These people, often times, in what they think is "fighting against the devil," are actually fighting against the perfecting of their own souls. These do this because they understand not the Father's ways, His timing for things, nor His sovereignty over all things.
A lot of this has to do with God's timing, brother. It is only by seeing things from the eternal realm where time matters not, that we can be sensitive to the Father's will in the domain where times and seasons matter.
Oh yeah, ... and one more thing ...
Once I understood what the Father (not the devil) was doing in the midst of that kidney affliction, I just yielded myself to His work and worshipped Him in it (even though it appeared that He might slay me). THEN did life and vitality flowed into me like a river. THEN I was fully healed.
And this too ...
The Lord just quickened me to the clock which now reads 10:10 am. I believe that in this the Lord is bringing my attention to John 10:10, which is the verse about the enemy coming to rob, and kill and destroy, but the Lord coming so that we might have LIFE and that ABUNDANTLY! What many folks seem to miss in this verse is that the enemy's "coming" and the Lord's "coming" is often times the VERY SAME COMING!! ... just a "coming" from much different perspectives and for much different purposes.
Think on that, man. It can bring us much peace, no matter what the devil brings our way.