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Last email-list letter (Not the last on the site!)

4th March 2007

Hi Guys,

My job is done.

This is my last email-list type letter, a new turn is on the horizon.

I  will provide you with any updates of my website hereafter.
It's been a good run, and I appreciate all the words I have received.

Stay encouraged and check the site for further info.


God's Got A Problem

What's our focus? Just "doing enough" to make it into heaven?

As a follow-on to 2 days ago (When the Light comes...), take a look at this:

'God's got a problem in His hands'. A book by Law Professor Earl Clampett Jr. - a Judge & Prison Chaplain.

Sample of book:

Watch the 20min interview (70MB only). Scroll down to Cornerstone Television and click on 'watch it'

Need a wake up call? Read another experience of the 'Other Side':

A voice said to me "Come, I want to show you something."  And immediately I found myself elevated above the earth looking down and recognizing the outline of the United States.  The surface of the country wasn't a topological representation, but rather layers of different length "tabs" that laid flat on the surface.  I then saw some tabs in the West Coast beginning to pivot up from one of its ends to the point that the opposite end of the tab was sticking up and away from the surface.  I knew the tabs that were lifting up represented prayer going up on our behalf.  Then I saw that the other tabs were lifting up in such a way as to form an orchestrated wave of prayer that rippled back and forth across our nation.  The wave reminded me somewhat of what one might see at a baseball game, but is much more profound and "choreographed."  It was the most beautiful and orchestrated wave originating and returning back to various regions where the Father was waiting for the requests from the saints and answering them.

Read the rest here:

Be blessed today,


Tony Idemudia Asakpa

 "In so far as a man can serve others in love, just so far, is he great". -- Anonymous
"Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us, all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are". -- Arthur Golden

Addendum: 19th April 2007
Okay. I restarted again. Just had too! See a brief explanation in - Rene Caisse Documentary