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Posted 28th July 2007


Carl Schwing.

There are many precious words of life and truth hidden in the deep silence of the Spirit. Words spoken lovingly by the Father... whispered to those who were born of His Spirit. Words that transport our spirits to uncharted realms of the Spirit... realms, where the Spirit of the living God, like a mighty waterfall, flows over us and takes His resting place in the depths of our spirit. And, in this magnificent in-pouring of the Spirit all of our spirit senses are quickened and we have a foretaste of the life spent eternally within the Heaven of the Spirit.

There is a realm within the Heavens of the Spirit which belongs to the Sons of God. A domain beyond the limitations of boundaries and the comprehension of the religious or spiritual minded. Only those who walk in the Spirit can know the things of the Father of spirits. The beauty of this realm transcends all the beauties ever known to the sons of man or the "saved of the earth." Even the saints and angels cannot venture into this secret place of the Sons... for it is the realm within the fullness of the Godhead; the highest and holiest place where the Sons, with their Father and elder Brother, dwell in complete Oneness. And the mystical brilliance which radiates from their Oneness creates wonders beyond description.

This is the domain of our Beloved and His family of brothers... another place prepared for them, eons ago, when the Father, with the golden pen of the Spirit, drew out the plans for this holy place of divine perfection. It is another gift for His Christ and for His Christ-sons... another room within the Father's House. It is another dwelling place of untold wisdom and knowledge... of devotion and love... of spirit converse. It is another realm of New Beginnings, New Creations, New Plans and Purposes for the New Ages.

Our Father is ever progressive. Methinks He has laid the foundations for many New Worlds yet to appear in the coming countless Ages. And, methinks He has prepared a place of ruling (kingship) and serving (priesthood) for us in each one of them. As His faithful Sons we will joyfully go and do whatever pleases the Father and we will give Him all the glory. We never know when our Father will say: "Let us make... " thus, setting the wheels of creativity in motion and bringing to pass the wondrous plans of life and beauty that He has kept hidden in the secret place of His heart.

The Father's love for us is infinite. It is His every heartbeat. We are His joy and inspiration through His glorious Firstborn, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are bound together with Christ in God with the cords of eternal light and sealed by the breath of the Spirit. He is forever ours... we are forever His. We dwell forever in our Father's House of many dwelling places. We shall be an eternal glory to His everlasting Name. The knowledge of these things is part of our reward and inheritance in Christ Jesus. It is an earnest of our endless life spent in the glory light of the Creator of all things: Rays... reflections... beings of His glorious light. Indeed, we have but one Father and one Lover of our soul! Hallelujah!

He speaks to us with His voice of silence... in the language of silence... within the silence of His presence. The silence is His dwelling place among His Creations. Yes, it is truly so, my brother-sister-sons, you need not look beyond the silence that surrounds you to know where He is. He is always there in the silence... watching, caring, loving, and providing beyond measure. Be still. Abide in the silence... listen to the silence. Knowing... always knowing... that in the stillness of the silence... God is!

In the infinite glory of His light and presence, strands of holy music, like rays of eternal sunlight, fall as golden notes upon the ears of our spirit, as the Spirit sings His song of silence and captivates us with His melodious sounds of life and light. Oh! Sacred music of the Spirit, come and carry us into the bosom of God... where we will rest in Thy Aria of Love.

No music of mortals, no song of the saints or angels, nor the "saved of the earth" can compare to the music of the Spirit and His Song of Silence. His song fills all things in the Heaven of the Spirit with the majestic glory and wonder of the omnipotent One. All the Creations of the Lord God and of His Christ and of His Christ-sons are anointed with the Living Words of the Song of the Spirit. And by the brilliant light of His song all things become a more glorious reflection of the Creator of all things. This is the music of the Light that brightens our days and lights up our nights... music of the Spirit written, like millions of stars, across the night sky of our hearts. Then, all is at peace and we drift upon the silent words of the Spirit into the realm known only to the Sons of God... there to shout the praise of Him from whom we came.

The Day Star shines brightly in the heavens of our hearts announcing the Day of the Lord. It is a silent day... a holy day. The Day has come without the observation of the world and religion. It has come to us, my beloved, in the secret silence of the soul. It has come to us that are hidden with Christ in God.

This is a New Day and Beloved is doing a new work in us... a deeper work... a deeper anointing, and a deeper awareness of the things that are eternal. That our spirit might rise up victoriously over the flesh; and that the promise of life might cancel the curse of death. The glorious Light that God is... is shining through the windows of our inner sanctuary, shedding the Light of Life upon our inner son. In the sacred silence he cries out: "Abba, Father."

In the profound silence of these morning hours God is beginning to fill us with the fullness of Himself. Eons ago, in the Heaven of the Spirit, God gave to us all that was His... now He would give us all that He is. For the hour comes when He shall be fully glorified and manifested in us, that we might go forth for Him... as Him... to all the Creations He has made... to fill all things with the light of His glory. Thus, no longer being a reflection of Him, rather becoming the brightness of Him Who is the essence of pure light and life. And all will know that He alone is God and that His Christ an His family of brothers are the fullness of Him in One Divine Being. The heavenly hosts shall declare the glory of the Lord as the Light of the Morning breaks into the fullness of Day and all things, everywhere, bow before the many membered God of all Creations.

Then shall the seven Spirits of God descend as tongues of fire and all shall hear and understand God's language of silence, then shall the many membered Word that was with God in the beginning, go forth to spread the increase of the Kingdom throughout the uncreated regions of the Spirit. And new worlds of the Spirit will appear...the greatest and most wondrous works of the Most High. Ah! More dwelling places in the Father's House!

The unrevealed power, energy, creativity, attributes and characteristics that exist within the center of our Father's Being are beyond all possible comprehension. There is no end to His plans, no end to His creations, no limits to the heights and depths of His wisdom and knowledge and no end to His matchless and unconditional love for all that His hands hath made. To think we have a place in Him and a part in all He does! Indeed, God so loved His Son that He gave Him a vast family of brothers to rule and reign with Him forever... unto His eternal praise and glory.

My brother-sister-sons, what I write now, I write with great humility and reverence. Our Bibles will always be most sacred to us for it was the path that led us to this point in time... to this place in our journey back to God. And it will continue to be a part of our time of devotion. However, the time of "searching the scriptures" is behind us. The methods of searching and seeking for "proofs" of religious ideologies and the "defining" of words from one translation to another have become weariness to our spirit. Those methods may have shed light upon our understanding... but, they did not give us life.

We are being taken to the glorious place where the Living Word far transcends the Sacred page. He is everything the Sacred Page spoke of from Genesis to Revelation. All the mysteries within its holy pages are revealed by th Spirit of the Living Word. Our Beloved is opening the door wider to the realm where the Spirit will teach us all things. He will take the things of the Father and show them to us. He will take the ways and thoughts of the Father and reveal them to us. He will lead us into all truth. He will show us things to come. The Spirit is continuously bidding us to come up higher. New glories and more wondrous truths wait us in th higher realms of the Spirit. He would take us beyond the holy of holies...

You see, my beloved, our Fortress of Aloneness is our dwelling place in the presence of God. The hour will come when He will take us into the depths of His Being... to His holy chambers of transformation, where we will know the Truth... see the Truth... become the Truth... and the Truth will set us free from our mortal house of flesh...

The Living Word is our promise of today... the Reality of tomorrow... and the Life of the Ages to come. Rest now, my alone with Him ones, in the peace of His ever abiding presence.

Carl R. Schwing                                      August/September 2007

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