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Little Letter


In the silence of our inner sanctuary our Beloved opens the doors of His tabernacle and gives himself to us as the Bridegroom of our soul. In great humility we receive Him, and He, in great love, receives us. For a while He returns to us our lily white garments of pure light. As we stand before the altar of the most High, the Spirit of the living God crowns us with the righteousness and holiness of the Lord. With golden rays of light He binds us together with our elder Brother ... the many-member Bridegroom.

Alone now in His presence ... we can hear one voice: the voice of our Beloved. We embrace Him as He lovingly draws us to himself and whispers words of love and life. His words fall upon our hearts like a precious anointing oil. He mesmerizes us with the new wine of the Spirit. Ah, this is indeed a holy hour, a quickening hour, an hour of union with our Beloved.

He breathes on us and we are made alive to the things that are eternal. He opens our eyes and we look upon things' unseen. Hand in hand we walk together upon the holy grounds of home. Within us, a secret knowing whispers; "You have been here before." The Spirit moves gently upon our recollection as precious memories appear of our dwelling place by the Father ... the dwelling place that was ours' in countless ages past.

The beauty of the Father's presence is more beautiful than ten thousand sunsets. His appearance, more brilliant than ten thousand sunrises. From the rays of His glory the Morning Stars were born ... then He placed them throughout the Eternal Realms to sing their songs of praise ... forevermore.

The Father looked at us and smiled. The love light from His eyes, like tongues of fire, rested upon us as His life giving energy flooded our being. With the voice of silence He called forth a new creation from within the depths of His secret parts. Our ears could hear His unspoken words. Our eyes could see His creative words taking form. And we could understand the purpose of His new creation. We knew how and when its purpose would be fulfilled. And we knew that it was for the eternal glory of our almighty Father. And, we shouted for joy.

Our Beloved drew near to us and said; "Wondrous things shall you do in the ages to come. The Father's greatest love is for His family of sons. All that He has is yours, through me, the First Born." There was great rejoicing in the Father's House. It was a time of jubilee. It was a timeof worship and adoration. A time to partake of the Living Bread ... the Living Word ... the Living God. And the words; "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God almighty" filled the many dwelling places within our Father's House. Hallelujah!

One could search the world over and never find a house of worship that could offer such an encounter with the Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Nor a religion that could open the doors of the secret place of the most High to uncover the ways and wonders of the Almighty. Only the Spirit of God can carry one away into the unseen realms of the Eternal One.

We no longer wonder why our Beloved led us out from the religious walls of bondage into the solitude of the wilderness; leading us into the Fortress of Aloneness where our "closet" became our cathedral ... it became our Father's House of prayer and worship.

I know by the letters I receive, and I treasure each one of them, that you have been given "memories" of your former place and birth. And that you have been made to sit with our Beloved in the heavenlies. At times I feel so unworthy to send the "little letters" to you ... for I know there are those of you that have experienced the depths of Jesus Christ much more than I. But, I know in my spirit that the "little letters" are written to you as a witness and confirmation. They are written to edify, encourage, and to shed new light upon the pathway of your journey into God. The "little letters" are about you and who you are and what you are; why you are here and what is prepared for you just beyond the veil. They are mere glimpses of the glory you had with the Father in the long ago and the places you had walked with the Beloved amid the works of His hands. They are glimpses of the infinite powers and energies of the One True Living God. I am honored that you allow me, to share with you, some of my most private and profound experiences in Christ Jesus. Your love and kindness and prayers are my strength and daily bread. The beauty and joy of it all, is that we are Blood brothers. We share all things in Christ Jesus and we know that we will sit together, once again, at our Father's table.

Yet, we know nothing as we ought and we remember even less. However, the things we do know and remember are enough to cause us to become homesick for our Country in the Eternal Realms of light and life ... for our City whose Builder and Ruler is God ... the Holy Place where we were born of the Father to live and to reign with His most beloved Son throughout endless ages.

A glorious Visitation of the Holy Spirit draws near. He is going to annihilate us. This will be the true "Slain by the Spirit" experience. He is the consuming fire of God. He will consume all that is left of "self". His holy flames will consume all the marks and traces of our religiousness and self righteousness. All of our fears and worries, doubts and failures, and all of our pious opinions and judgments of others will become dust upon the holy ground of the Lord. This, the Spirit must do ... for our Beloved would then take us into himself. He is the most holy Temple of God. There, He will clothe us with the incorruptible garments of immortality. There, He will give us to have life in our self. There, He will make us the Lights of the world, lights that will dispel the darkness of the Age. All that sit in their pews of darkness will see our great light and shall know and serve the Lord of all. And, they shall partake of the liberty of the Sons of God. He will appoint us to be the Freedom Givers to all mankind, to all creation. He will have us brake as under the gates of hell and set the captives free.

He will have us shout the Everlasting Gospel from Zion's holy hill. And all that are in the graves of earth and of the sea will hear the word of the Lord and come forth, unto judgment. The Father's judgment is with love and wrath, thus, His mercy will prevail and all, in their time and order, shall find reconciliation through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. The world has never known or experienced such love, mercy, and grace.

In the place where hell once dwelt, a garden will appear. Flowers that are everlasting, with blossoms of mercy and scents of compassion, shall bloom profusely. The sounds of sorrow and moans of despair shall be no more. For, in the joy of Redemption, the former inhabitants have gone to kiss the feet of God. Hallelujah!

The Father has many plans and purposes for His family of sons: He will crown them lords and saviours. They shall be His right hand and carry His creative words throughout the vastness and limitless regions of the Eternal Realm ... leaving a blazing trail of glory throughout the endlessness of infinity. From the rays of their light, new creations will be born to be an eternal praise unto the Father of all.

These are the Company of Sons brought forth from the Father in His full image and likeness. They are the mighty conquering army of God. They are the Guardians of the Lamb and the Lamb's Book of Life. They are the many members of the Bridegroom. They shall dwell forever with the Bride that the Father has prepared for them. They shall bring forth many sons in their image and likeness and present them to the Father, that there might be no end to the increase of His vast family of sons. And the shouts of the Sons of God will fill the heavens, and the heavens above the heavens, flooding the Father's House with their sounds of joy ... as every knee bows, and everything that has breath offers praise, and honor, and glory to Him that is the Beginning and the End ... And, the End is another Beginning. Hallelujah!

What other wondrous wonders shall come forth from the ever increasing family of God's sons? Indeed, the endless Ages are not enough to contain, or foretell, their coming glory. Beyond the comprehension of the saints and angels, or the saved of the earth, is the glorious and perpetual inheritance which belongs to the Sons of God, through the Son of all sons, the Lord and King of all: Christ Jesus. And His Kingdom shall cover all things, be they, known or unknown, created, or yet to be created, be it above or below, to the right or to the left ... ever expanding, but never filling the many dwelling places in our Father's House.

The doors of our Beloved's tabernacle slowly close. The glory light of God shines in its fullness within this Holiest of all places. All the wonders of the Ages ... past, present, or yet to come dwell therein. All of God's unlimited resources, all of His powers, and all of His life giving energies are within its chambers. His attributes, characteristics, abilities ... all of His secrets and mysteries are hidden deep within its secret parts. His vast family of sons was birthed out from this Living Tabernacle. It is the habitation of the Spirit of the most High ... it is the heart of our Father. Alas, the doors must close ... we are yet too frail and too much of the "self" still remains. We cannot go beyond its threshold.

So, for now, my beloved brother-sister-sons, we wait, in these early morning hours of the Day of the Lord, for the stone of flesh to be rolled away, that we might come forth in the power of the Lord's resurrection to walk in the dew of the morning, through the garden of Roses and Lilies, as choirs of angels sing the song of the Immortal Sons. Hallelujah!

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