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Posted 13th September 2007


Carl Schwing.

Whenever we close the door to our closet of prayer and wait in the silence before our Beloved, a heavenly peace and assurance comes over us... even though we had come with a saddened heart, or a suffering body, or  burdened spirit... perhaps with a deep dark secret that we could not tell to another. Though unseen to us a band of brothers surround us.Though unseen to us, angels gather. Though unheard by us the saints offer words of praise and love to the Lord most High. The Spirit takes our burdens and lays them at the feet of our Father and the Father touches us according to His perfect will and covers us with His faithfulness and love; giving us the strength to endure all things... to give thanks for all things and to rejoice in all things.

One little soul, waiting before the Lord, has caused heaven and earth to touch and become one for awhile. One little heart waiting before the Lord has reached out and touched the heart of God. And one lonely son has made his closet of  prayer a room in the Father's House. And in the stillness of that room the Father lavishes His love and holy will upon that weary heart and speaks the words of life to him. Then, these "alone with Him ones" go forth renewed in the joy, the strength and the peace of their beloved Brother. For all is changed when Christ appears and He takes the gloom and fills our life with glory. All this and so much more is ours' each time we close the door to be alone with the God of all Creation.

Oh! How precious are the hours... the days... the nights we spend alone with our Beloved. Those precious times when nothing else exists... when no one else exists, just us and our Beloved sharing the things of the heart. What overwhelming love of the Lover of our soul! Often times no words are spoken... we share the deep silence of love. Other times His words of truth. like a two edged sword, pierces our hearts putting to death more of our "self" and giving more life to our inner man. Then there are the times when our beloved Christ lifts us up to the high and holy places to show us the deeper ways of the Spirit. And there are invisible wonders that surround us, unseen wonders that are eternal... the unseen things and places our Beloved has prepared for us. There, lost in His love's Holy Light, the Spirit of the living God opens our eyes that we might have a preview, perhaps a recollection, of the unseen, unheard and unrevealed glories that await us.

Lovingly our Beloved draws us to Himself, as He tenderly opens the secret places of our soul. He enters and breaks the Bread of Life with us and drinks of the new wine within the Kingdom of our hearts. He breathes on us and we are born anew into the Paradise of Love's Holy Union. We embrace Him and give Him a sacred kiss of adoration. His whispered words of endearment set our hearts afire and we, like countless candles, burn brightly within our Beloved's private chambers. Our whispering praise of love and devotion rise, like vapors of sweet smelling incense, filling our Beloved's abode with the holy scents of worship. None of earth's tribulations can threaten us in this, our place by Him. Al religious powers of man cannot enter the secret place of the most High. Even suffering and pain, heartache and grief, failure and disappointments fade in the glorious light of His radiant presence. This is what my spirit sees, when by the Spirit, I behold us with our Beloved Christ within our Fortress of Aloneness.

The more we are lifted up with Christ, by the power of His resurrection, the more our spirit senses are quickened and we become alive to the things that are above where our beloved Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father. We begin to feel the heavenly powers and energies of our Everlasting Father. We become more in tune with His still small voice. We become more aware of the leading of His Spirit... the teaching of His Spirit... the life of His Spirit. His thoughts become our thoughts. His ways become our ways. We become part of all that He is and we begin to understand and love Mankind and all Creation with the unconditional love of our Eternal Beloved. The higher we ascend with Christ, the more doors and windows of our Father's House open to us... that we, once again, might clearly see what was and is and is to come.

When the mind of Christ dwells in us, when His heart and our heart beat as one, when we are completely taken over by the Spirit of Christ and we are filled with the fulness of Christ, then, truly, we have come to know Him intimately. Intimacy with Christ, through Christ and for Christ: Oh! How wonderful... it is truly all about Him. He is the Absolute Everything: Christ the Head. Christ the Body and Christ the Bride.

Though all these experiences in Christ Jesus are gloriously profound, we must never feel that we have reached the zenith of God's glory, or plans, or purposes. For in the deep silence of self we will hear the voice of the Spirit calling; "Come, and I will show thee things beyond all thy imaginings!" We cannot soar too high upon the wings of the Spirit. There are no limits to the heights that He will take us to.

These filghts with the Spirit take us above the religious and spiritual routines which we frail creatures are so susceptible to. These flights far transcend the "anointing" of the old order. They deepen our relationship with our Beloved and increase our hunger for the Manna of Life. By these flights we are caught up by the Spirit and raptured into the realm of the Spirit where all is life and light and truth. And for awhile our spirit is free to rest in the heart of God.

Like a bird, freed from its cage, may our spirit take flight across the eastern skies of the heavenlies. May it soar with the breath of God beneath its wings, as it takes in the warm rays of the Morning's Golden Daybreak and rejoices in the freedom it has found in Christ Jesus. May it soar higher, ever higher, to the paradise of God till it takes its rest in the shadows of the everlasting hills... safe, secure, serene, in the arms of the Father. And, perhaps from its lofty Dwelling Place it will get a glimpse of the New Heaven and the New Earth coming forth from the heights of God's glory... for it is prepared, ready and waiting, as the old passes away.

Only with the eyes of our spirit can we see the invisible things and places that the eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, has created.

As we leave the sacredness of our closet or prayer, the Spirit of His presence lingers with us, causing us to realize, in a greater way, just how lifeless are the ways of the flesh and of the world and of religion. And we realize that in this weary land our Fortress of Aloneness and Solitude is our hiding place in the cleft of the Rock.

Let us praise...

Carl R. Schwing                                                             Sept/Oct 2007

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Beyond the Night

Sang by Rachel Luttrell (“Teyla”, SG Atlantis. Episode: Critical Mass, Season 2)

Composed by Joel Goldsmith

Beyond the night, a rising sun
Beyond the night, the battle’s won
The battle’s won

Fear and shame now in the past
Pain and sorrow gone at last
Gone at last

Circle renewed, peace will be found
Beyond the night, on sacred ground

River flows led by the wind
First new breath, our journey begins
Our journey begins

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