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9th June 2007

Hi Guys,

Making Progress Away from Sin. Part 2

One of the beauties of the internet is its interactivity. To this end I will further elucidate on what I wrote a few days ago, as I had to update the 1st part a little online in response to questions.

One had asked why the "crap" feeling at the moment before sin, despite the fact that they love God and yet are still burdened by this?

I responded that there is a smokescreen that can make those who've tasted of God be as though they have not known Him (the "no.1" point) at that very moment. Thank God for His Mercy! But our Lord needs us to move forward in Him. I have been guilty of this too.

Did I just say "needs"? Ponder that.

You will also note that I didn't add any point about our "love" for God. Simply because: it is all His. What we consider our "love", is really His input into us. So that none may boast in His Presence.

We wonder at times, "If only God would make things plain to me then I would do it properly." So implying, "I want to know God's Will for me".

Well, God has revealed His Will on a number of issues.

We'll look at just one (Please search the others):

1 Thes 4:3-8 -- We quote from Jonathan Mitchell's New Testament translation. It's brilliant in the way it brings out the actual verb tenses e.g. continuous tense.

1Th 4:3  For this is the will (intent, purpose) of God [or: For this is God's purpose, intent]: your separation (holiness) --  you are to continuously hold yourself from (be distant from; abstain from) all of the prostitution.
1Th 4:4  Each one of you [is] to have known (have been aware of) his own vessel, to continuously acquire (procure for one's self) in separation (holiness) and honor (value, worth),
1Th 4:5  not in feeling of desire, according which concerns even the nations (multitudes; non-Israelites) who do not know (aren't aware of; aren't acquainted with) God.
1Th 4:6  Thus, no one is to be continuously overstepping and have more (hold advantage) in his brother's affair (doing; transaction; matter), because the Lord [is] a maintainer of right (an executor of justice) concerning all these things, according as we also said to you before and gave witness (testimony) throughout.
1Th 4:7  For God did not call us based upon (for) uncleanness, but rather within separateness (holiness).
1Th 4:8  Consequently, then, the one continuously setting aside (displacing) is not setting aside (does not displace) man, but God, even the One giving His Holy Spirit into us [or: ...His Spirit, the Holy (Separated) One, into us].

Some translations render verse 3 as fornication rather than prostitution. The Greek word is Porneia. So God has already placed emphasis on a plague of this generation right there 2000 years ago.

So this is one of God's "general" wills for everyone. You will note the continuous nature of His intent It must be done with an effort on our part. So if you fail, don't be disheartened, pick yourself up and move on.

Purity is not something given - it is something learned. A learned-response based on applying received understanding. (1Tim 5:22, 2Tim 2:22, 1Tim 5:2)

We humans kind of go into "default" mode when it comes to our lifestyle, seeking the easiest path that we can just "flow with".

This is not God's intent for us. He wants us to work out our salvation (Philip 2:12). He wants us to be pure in heart so that we can see Him (Matt 5:8). He wants us to be filled with all the fullness of God (Eph 3:19).

Some have wondered why I have shared some NDE testimonies recently. I like sharing things that I can relate to personally ( e.g. I've talked to a no.of Muslims, so I place some resources for them online). So though I haven't had a Near-Death Experience, I've had OBE's (Out of the Body Experiences) - not in relation to going to Heaven or Hell, but in terms of getting messages across to others.

God loves us and really wants us to get to know Him. I have not yet seen Him, but this is my desire and I know it shall be granted.

Jesus said we speak what we know (John 3:11). We can't speak of what we don't know, or we become as noisy cymbals, without clear directions/instructions to give.

The institutions of men need a drastic overhaul - the Medical, the Financial, the Agricultural etc... That's why I share things that others have experienced that seems harsh to these institutions (even though I'm a doctor). But the foundation of " Greed" is coming to an end. Better grab hold of the secure so you can be ready when these things are shaken to establish the new.

My life has been an "open-book" so that we may consider and move forward despite ourselves.

Therefore friends, the time is at hand, let us yearn to walk more closely.

Stay blessed,

P.S. If your interested in Biblical time cycles e.g 7-years, 9-11, the 2nd coming, Jubilee etc.. check out this video