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25th June 2007


What is the connection of the earth to the other planets? What did the ancients tell us about them? How do our modern discoveries contribute to this understanding? What is the Biblical relevance? How close is religion to science? What about the "Watchers"? UFOs?

Since 1994, David Flynn has posted his ground-breaking research of ancient mysteries, Masonry, gnosticism, crop circles, UFOs, and Bible prophecy on his famous Watcher website. In his first public speaking appearance, Dave expertly connects the sacred geometry and monuments of a seemingly destroyed culture, to Earth's most ancient mythologies, deities and mystery religions. From a Genesis 3 paradigm, Dave presents these so-called mythologies as fact-based, using both Scripture and his amazing grasp of astronomy to draw a clear connection to the serpentine god of multiple cultures, who gave mankind knowledge, or "gnosis." (From video provider)

Despite it all being so esoteric, David Flynn explains it simply and shows that Jesus Christ is still revealed in all the symbolism.

Learn about [video comments from his site]:
  • 2012 significance the great Cosmic Clock embodied in the symbol the Ouroboros
  • "the gods" who walked the earth in the ages before Adam
  • the nephilim of Genesis 6 and the technology & wisdom they imparted to humankind
  • the distinctly Martian Cydonian influence on human civilization
  • megaliths magick & the meaning behind the esoteric tenet "As Above, So Below"
  • 33 & 2012 -- freemason symbols mystery schools & the modern alchemy of NASA

  • Presented at the AOD Conference.

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    Session 1:

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    24th Dec 2007

    Below David Flynn's videos, is a video presentation by Dr. Tom Van Flandern, former Chief Astronomer for the US Naval Observatory, discussing photographs of artifical structures on Mars - a clearer enhancement of the Cydonian "Face", "T" shaped craters, gigantic glass tube systems, and radio-structures of trees. Photos taken by the Mars Global Surveyor, released by NASA/JPL. Video by


    Session 2: GENESIS 3, Roswell, UFOs

    Session 3: Doomsday Clock - 33 & 2012

    Life on Mars - New Pictures!