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2nd June 2007

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Hi Guys,

We are going to look at one of the most incredible After-Life experiences as told by Dr. George Ritchie, a Psychiatrist in USA. He died of pneumonia, and was taken round different places by Jesus Christ.

His book called Return from Tomorrow, 124pages, now in its 35th printing, is a classic!

(Watch Dr. Ritchie's testimony below:

He talks about many plains of existence, seeing earth-bound spirit beings (human spirits) and the heavenly city!

These excerpts will blow your mind!!!

You probably know by now that there are many things beyond this life that we can not explain with our human intellect, nor traditional teaching.

Also watch a video by Dr. Maurice Rawlings, a Cardiologist, about Near-Death Experiences. Hear about the dangers of the "omega faith". Hear the stories of several atheists. A quote from a former one, "It's very easy to be an atheist when you're successful... man can set back and say, 'I don't need God. What is God?' But it's very difficult to be an atheist when your laying on your death bed ." ---Dr. Donald Whitaker.

Watch Dr. Rawlings here:

All emphasis mine.

Quotes from RETURN FROM TOMORROW by Dr. George Ritchie.

"But I wasn't dead! How could I be dead and still be awake? Thinking. Experiencing. Death was... I didn't know. Blanking out. Nothingness. I was me, wide awake, only without a physical body to function in.
"Frantically I clawed at the sheet, trying to draw it back, trying to uncover the figure on the bed. All my efforts did not even stir a breeze in the silent little room."


"... I saw that it was not light but a Man who had entered the room, or rather, a Man made out of light, though this seemed no more possible to my mind than the incredible intensity of the brightness that made up His form.
"The instant I perceived Him, a command formed itself in my mind. 'Stand up!' The words came from inside me, yet they had an  authority my mere thoughts had never had. I got to my feet, and as I did came the stupendous certainty: 'You are in the presence of the Son of God.' "


"I noticed this phenomenon repeatedly, people unaware of others right beside them. I saw a group of assembly-line workers gathered around a coffee canteen. One of the women asked another for a cigarette, begged her in fact, as though she wanted it more than anything in the world. But the other one, chatting with her friends, ignored her.... Fast as a striking snake the woman who had been refused snatched at the lighted cigarette in the other's mouth. Again she grabbed at it. And again...
" With a chill of recognition I saw that she was unable to grip it."


"In bafflement I turned to the Brightness beside me. But though I felt His compassion flow like a torrent into the room before us, no understanding lighted my mind.
"Several times we paused before similar scenes. A boy trailing a teenaged girl through the corridors of a school. 'I'm sorry, Nancy!' A middle-aged woman begging a grey-haired man to forgive her.
" 'What are they so sorry for, Jesus?' I pleaded. 'Why do they keep talking to people who can't hear them?'
"Then from the light beside me came the thought: They are suicides, chained to every consequence of their act.
"The idea stunned me, yet I knew it came from Him..."

[Sailors drinking in a bar]

"Twice more, as I stared, stupefied, the identical scene was repeated. A man passed out, a crack swiftly opened in the aureole [halo of light] round him, one of the non-solid people vanished as he hurled himself at the opening, almost as if he had scrambled inside the other man."

"...So far in our journeying we had visited places where the living and the dead existed side by side: indeed where disembodied beings, completely unsuspected by the living, hovering right on top of the physical things and people where their desire was focused. "

[Another plain]

"Even more hideous than the bites and the kicks they exchanged, where the sexual abuses many were performing in feverish pantomine. Perversions I had never dreamed of were being vainly attempted all around us. It was impossible to tell if the howls of frustration which reached us were actual sounds or only the transference of despairing thoughts."

"Once again, however, no condemnation came from the Presence at my side, only a compassion for these unhappy creatures that was breaking His heart. Clearly it was not His will that any one of them should be in this place..
"Then what was keeping them here? Why didn't each one get up and leave?..."

"Unless... unless there was no 'alone' in this realm of disembodied spirits..." "What was it going to be like, I thought with sudden panic, to live forever where my thoughts were not private at all? No disguising them, no covering them up, no way to pretend I was anything but what I actually was."


"I didn't know. All I clearly saw was that not one of these bickering beings on the plain had been  abandoned. They were being attended, watched over, ministered to. And the equally observable fact was  that not one of them knew it. If Jesus and His angels were speaking to them, they certainly did not hear."


Dr. Ritchie's Story

Dr. Rawling's Video - "To Hell & Back"