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1st July 2007(Updated 6th July - addendum)


Professor Hans Rosling, a Swedish Professor of International Health, exposes the perpetuating myths about the "developing" world. With brilliant computer graphics (absolutely brilliant!) he shows us the latest statistical data to make his case.

From Child Mortality Rates to GDP per capita - he tells us all we need to know to keep us up to date with the actual facts.

Really funny style, but seriously serious data!
Prof. Rosling's work is unique and necessary.

"The problem was not ignorance, but pre-conceived ideas". - Hans Rosling.

Filmed at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference 2006 in California.


Prof Rosling's Website:

TED Conference:



A follow-up on the 2006 conference. Prof. Rosling takes us through how Africa is pulling itself out of poverty with more brilliant statistical data.

"The seemingly impossible is possible" - Hans Rosling

At the end of the video, he gives an amazing "shearing" performance!

TED Conference 2007


I was told I was too harsh on my previous TED comments (about agendas, atheism -- now removed so that readers can focus on the topic above).

I guess we will always have opinions about everything. What I find strange is when speculation is presented as fact, then forced upon everyone as truth.

O.K. They have no official stance on religion, but their unofficial stance seems clear. Browse their site and see.

Ideas and wisdom don't stem from ourselves. I always marvel at God-given talent, because it's truly a wonder to behold.

They're doing excellent work, but don't think for one moment that man can truly inspire others without already having a measure of the inspiration from above; whether it is acknowledged or not. All shall come to know this is true.

Secularists have been presented as the thinkers, the scientists, while everyone else is dumb and so must submit to their thinking, even if by force of law. It's a false view. All secularists have their own religious beliefs and a higher authority of devotion, whether that be another being, person, ideology or passion - thus in essence becoming their "god". We have been blessed with a mind to think, and using it is essential for us to function in our proper role in creation.

"Secular" is not equivalent to "Science", nor is "Darwinism" equivalent to "Origins Fact" as much as some try to equate them and convince us of this. The "facts" collapse under close scrutiny of the actual data and methods. Supposed "secularism" just creates a vacuum that other values rush in to fill.

But take a look at their site, some great stuff there. See the article the Science of Evolution.