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3rd July 2007


A brilliant 6-part (each 10mins) series (below the text) by Red River Productions documenting the stories of 3 men -
Howard Storm, Ned Dougherty, and George Rodonaia. It starts with their varied backgrounds: Atheistic Professor (Dr. Storm), Materialistic Night-club owner (Mr Dougherty), & Scholarly M.D. (Dr. Rodonaia - a Neuropathologist & Psychiatrist).

George Rodonaia's experience - Read here

Howard Storm's experience - Read here & Here (fuller account)

Ned Dougherty's experience - Read here 
Ned's Website:

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Dr. Rodonaia never wrote a book about his experience in 1976 (He was dead for 3 days after a car accident and placed in the morgue). He passed away in Oct 2004. But here is a startling account of an experience he had while dead, taken from the excellent website of Kevin Williams:

George Rodonaia's Account of His Episode With an Infant During His NDE

By Kevin Williams

More information concerning George's NDE account is described in Dr. Melvin Morse and Paul Perry's book entitled Transformed by the Light. Dr. Morse refers to George by his Russian name "Yuri". The following is an excerpt of Transformed by the Light which describes George's observation of an infant while George is out of his body.

"[During Yuri's NDE, he] could go visit his family. He saw his grieving wife and their two sons, both too small to understand that their father had been killed.

"Then he visited his next-door neighbor. They had a new child, born a couple of days before Yuri's "death." Yuri could tell that they were upset by what happened to him. But they were especially distressed by the fact that their child would not stop crying.

"No matter what they did he continued to cry. When he slept it was short and fitful and then he would awaken, crying again. They had taken him back to the doctors but they were stumped. All the usual things such as colic were ruled out and they sent them home hoping the baby would eventually settle down.

"While there in this disembodied state, Yuri discovered something:

"l could talk to the baby. It was amazing. I could not talk to the parents - my friends - but I could talk to the little boy who had just been born. I asked him what was wrong. No words were exchanged, but I asked him maybe through telepathy what was wrong. He told me that his arm hurt. And when he told me that, I was able to see that the bone was twisted and broken."

"The baby had a greenstick fracture, a break in the bone in his arm probably cause by having been twisted during childbirth. Now Yuri and the baby knew what was wrong, but neither had the ability to communicate the problem to the parents.

"Eventually the doctor from Moscow came to perform the autopsy on Yuri. When they moved his body from the cabinet to a gurney, his eyes flickered. The doctor became suspicious and examined his eyes. When they responded to light, he was immediately wheeled to emergency surgery and saved.

"Yuri told his family about being "dead." No one believed him until he began to provide details about what he saw during his travels out of body. Then they became less skeptical. His diagnosis on the baby next door did the trick. He told of visiting them that night and of their concern over their new child. He told them that he had talked to the baby and discovered that he had a greenstick fracture of his arm. The parents took the child to a doctor and he x-rayed the arm only to discover that Yuri's very long-distance diagnosis was right."


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