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The New Ageing -Part 2. The two trees

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20th November 2006.

Hi Guys,
Some thought that what I wrote on Sunday (Part 1) was a scathing attack on the church.
I do not ‘scathe’. Those who know me know I cannot ‘scathe’! For it is with a heavy heart I write these words.
I would direct all hearts to the Judge of the whole earth; He gives those who become willing (being energised by Him), the linen made white in the blood of the Lamb (Rev 7:14).
God’s people had asked for a healing wind (many wrote about this several months ago, around June/July), but He says a restoring wind must come first. S/he who can receive this wind, must receive it to be healed. God’s Word will not fall to the ground.
For we pray we do not settle on our lees (Zeph 1:12); we will not be lulled into a ‘superiority complex’, encouraging ourselves that we are better than that man in the gutter (Luke 18:10-14).
May we listen to the Spirit’s voice through my faltering words, even though they appear harsh. May we live in His Kingdom; may we know His very life; may we walk His very pathway.
For the pathway to Life is narrow. There are few that find this pathway (Matt 7:13-14); for it is a lonely (i.e. one-to-one with the Father, not an isolated one) road. 
All who trudge through the road to destruction (greek: apoleia – ruin or loss), must eventually return and walk this path of Life; for Christ will draw all men unto Him (John 12:32). And the manner of ‘His drawing’ has not and will not change. None can escape His love.
We are encouraged that our Father is always ready to embrace us; always ready to celebrate our return; always ready to place His ring of approval even after our judgment – For He, and He alone, has made us worthy. Not we ourselves.
We, on the other hand, are not always ready to do so with others. But He is changing all that!
So why write, ‘New Ageing’ and then talk on the ‘Kingdom of God’? Confused?
Because: It’s the problem of the two trees, a very subtle problem.
Why ‘New Ageing’? (My made-up phrase!)
Because it’s supposedly ‘new thinking’; but it’s really as old as Eden.    
It’s the slitherer whispering once again, ‘Ye shall be like gods’… ‘This is the way to enlightenment…’ [Spiritual meaning]; ‘This is the way to control & contain people…’ [Soulish-mind meaning].
It’s the difference between ‘wanting to be god’ and ‘allowing God to be God in you’. This is the tree of knowledge in contrast to the tree of Life.
Tree 1: An entrance to knowledge without Father’s life.
Tree 2: An entrance into Father’s life before obtaining His knowledge.
Torn between these two trees is the church. With no power, we have turned to the direction of Caesar for help.
Know that the management styles of Caesar must remain in the house of Caesar (and we will give back to Caesar what belongs to him). But, we are not called to use Caesar’s way in the household of God. God has His own way! It is the way of the Holy Spirit.
For, we dare not use rules and systems of this world. Our Ruler & Systems Administrator is from another world. Let us therefore serve His people with His ways and methods: The way of heaven and the rule of life.
May we search and see. Many who are unsure of what I write, know what their hearts tell them.
Fear not! This is not false doctrine. When we keep on searching, we will see.
May we earnestly contend for ‘The Faith’ that the apostles and saints through the ages (and even today) have had to die for.
God’s people must now be restored to receive Him at His coming. For it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.
Stay blessed in Him.
Tony A.