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No more sea!

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2nd December 2006

Hi Guys,

The sacrifice of Jesus Christ will not be in vain.
How do I know this?
Creation screams it! His Word reveals it! Men's hearts ache for it!
The scriptures say, 'All that the Father has given me will come to me'. John 6:37.
How many is 'All'?
'For God so loved the world...' Is the world 'All'?
Does that indeed mean that all who believe in Him will not perish (suffer loss) any longer? What does 'perish' mean? The 'all who believe' - is it tied to their heartbeat?

What statistical study can we set up to test this Truth?

What is the 'Odds Ratio' for Zoe Life? Is it always 1 (One)? Or is one group (the physically living) better than the other group (the physically dead)?

What is the 'Sensitivity' of Truth towards sin? Pretty much 100%.
Is Our God able to do something about this? Indeed He is.

'For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive'. 1 Cor 15:22

What Court of Law can I argue my case? Who will be the Plaintiffs and Who will be the Defendants?

Tell me how we may study Love empirically?
Is there a reason why your heart flutters so?

Teach me the statutes that rule against Hope.
Show me the constitution that abrogates Grace!

Know that His Love extends from sea to sea; it reaches from gutter to glitter.

He will have all men saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. 1Tim 2:4

With this we turn to the issue of the 'sea'.

Do you remember the Lord's way is in the sea? Ps 77:19
Remember the great company that stand upon the sea of glass? Rev 15:2
Remember the beast arising out of the sea? Rev 13:1
Remember, 'mountain be thou removed and cast into the sea'? Mark 11:23 (He did that to the nation of Judah -Ps 46:2. So that all the world would be forgiven together.)
Remember, 'there shall be no more sea'? Rev 21:1

The 'sea' stands for the 'raging', 'surging' masses of humanity; humanity that doesn't live by the ways of God. (Ps 65:5, Ps 68:22, Ps 89:9, Ps 93:4, Ps 139:9, Isa 27:1, Isa 57:20, Zec 10:11)

Yet God's way is in the sea.
He works in humanity even though we don't know Him, even though we reject Him.
He cares for us, protects us, guides us and loves us. His rain falls on us. His sun shines down on us. The beauty of His creation surrounds us. He gives us laughter and love, strength and peace. And yet, we do not even see Him.

There is a company that stand upon a tranquil sea. By reason of their lives, the raging sea settles down and the transparencies of men are seen ('glass'). '...Judged by all...convicted by all...' 1Cor 14:24

But there comes a day when there shall be no more sea!
The masses will not rage or surge against God anymore. He will be recognised and loved for who He is, not what men think He is.
All will need to go through the fire, some becoming that fire.
But be rest assured - there shall be no more sea!

No more sea!
Our Saviour cried.
No more a place to scream and hide.

No more sea!
Triumphant Cross.
Our Lord -the King, has cleansed all dross.

No more sea!
A work of fire.
His Life -His Word, purging our desire.

No more sea!
His Love is clear.
'I'll finish the work - for all are dear'.

No more sea!
His Way - the Key.
God All in all - Blessed be!

Stay blessed in Him,

Tony A.