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Nothing else matters

17th March 2007

Hi Guys,

This was too important to not send.

Nothing else matters.

All beliefs (and I mean every single one, Christian or not, including mine!) melt into nothingness before the Fire of Our King.
All vaulted thinking is debased before the Throne of Him with hair as white as wool. (Rev 1:14)
All imaginations are as dross in the presence of Him who is a Lamb yet a Lion. (Rev 5:5-6)
All things that divide us are as filthy rags. For the Unity of the Spirit comes before the Unity of the Faith. (Eph 4:13)

For we think by these "beliefs" we are the "correct" ones, the "better" ones, the "right" ones.
So our "beliefs" become our righteousness. And we all know what our righteousness looks like: Isa 64:6.
So though our mouths say "Grace!", we think something else.

Gird up! There shall be time no longer.

The 30mins of silence is when all things are in-worked, all idols broken, all vanities destroyed. (Rev 8.1)
The prayers of the saints have thickened the very heights of Heaven.

Turn your face and remember Him, for in Him only shall every life consist.

His fire burns deeply and it will free us as we yield.

That is all that matters: Him.

In Christ,

Tony Asakpa

P.S. There is a vast difference between the "oneness" Our Lord talked about (John 17:11,20-23) and the "oneness" being promoted today.
It's not about putting aside differences and showing a "consensus" Church, but about reconnecting to the One Who is Lord of all creation.
For by only this means will His Body truly be "One".