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22nd August 2007

Overtaken By The Wave

Hollie Moody
on: August 15, 2007, 11:19:23 PM

(I experienced this on May 4th, 2000; Thursday.)
I was standing with the Lord atop a large mountain. The view stretched out before me was mountainous. I saw very little vegetation. It was a stark scene.

"Behold," the Lord said to me, and pointed.

I looked around and downwards, and saw men and women beginning to emerge from caves that had been hidden to my eyes. These caves had been concealed within the face of mountains surrounding the mountain which the Lord and I were standing upon. These men and women gave the impression of having endured very many things. They were dressed as warriors. All of them began to proceed very purposefully towards the mountain top which the Lord and I were standing upon.

When the men and women reached the mountain upon which the Lord and I were standing, they began to climb upwards towards us. This took a while. The Lord and I watched their efforts in silence. I wasn't sure what was going on.

When the men and women reached the top of the mountain where the Lord and I were standing silently, they fell on their faces and began to weep and pray.

"Behold," the Lord said to me once again, and pointed off into the distance to His right. I looked where He was pointing, and saw a small cloud. The men and women looked up, but remained stretched out flat upon the ground. When they saw the small cloud, they began to rejoice, then buried their faces back into the rocky ground and continued to pray harder and more fervently.

The Lord and I continued to watch the small cloud. Other clouds began to form also, and all these clouds began to come together. The sound of a strong wind began to be heard, and a few rain drops began to fall.

The men and women looked up, saw the clouds forming, heard the wind, and began to hurriedly descend from the mountain top. The Lord and I remained upon the mountain top and watched both the descending men and women, and also the clouds. The clouds were getting bigger and bigger, and were coming towards us. The wind was getting fiercer and louder, and the rain was beginning to pour down.

I heard a very loud rushing sound, and looked off to my right (in the direction from which the clouds had first formed). What I saw startled and frightened me. A large wave, as gigantic as a tidal wave, was coming towards the mountain which the Lord and I were
standing upon. This tidal wave was coming very very quickly and was overtaking the men and women who had succeeded in descending the mountain and had been running off into the distance, to our left.

The tidal wave gained on the men and women, and swept over them. I expected to hear cries of terror and fear, but instead, the men and women were worshipping and praising and rejoicing. I was confused and turned to the Lord and asked Him to explain to me what I had just observed.

"The men and women you saw are My Elijah's," the Lord said to me. "Adversity, trials, persecutions; drove them into caves of hiding. I cared for them while they were in their caves. They were only in their caves for a season. When it was time for them to emerge
from their caves, they obeyed the call of My Spirit to them to come forth. I called them to the mountain top, and when they reached the mountain top, they went into intercessory prayer. They prayed for the birthing of revival. When even just a little bit of revival became visible to their eyes, they went to share this joyous news with others. Before they could even reach others with the news of My coming revival, it overtook them and swept them onwards."

The Lord then turned to me and looked into my eyes silently for a moment. "It is coming, My child," He said to me. "A move of My Spirit is coming, and it will come so quickly and so suddenly, that it will overtake many by surprise. Only those who have labored much in
intercessory prayer will be aware when this move begins to take place. I tell you, My child. It is already beginning. My revival is already here.Receive it, and accept it, and rejoice in it."

I was reminded of the story of how Elijah went to the mountain top to pray for rain. He saw a cloud the size of a man's hand, and knew the promised rain was coming. The fierce drought was coming to an end. (1 Kings 18:41-45.) God's Spirit is moving. A mighty outpouring of His Spirit has already begun, and will gain in momentum until it overtakes us and sweeps over us.

"I hear the sound of an abundance of rain !!!"

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody