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Posted on this site 14th April 2007, Updated 29th April 2007

Are you Plagued by Evil Thoughts?

 By Jim Meletiou

(Updated 29th April 2007)

If so, these four should help you:


— 1 —

Please answer this question: When an evil thought [an adultery] comes into your mind, isn’t that a temptation rather than a sin? And if it is only a temptation, then you haven’t sinned, have you?

— 2 —

And, answer this question: When a true Christian man sees a beautiful woman, shouldn’t he be able to admire her beauty without lusting for her body?

— 3 —

When an adulterous or pornographic thought comes into a man’s mind, it might take him a few minutes before he realizes he is being tempted and expels that thought. However, as he continues down through the years drawing closer and closer to the Lord Jesus, it takes him less and less time to expel the evil, tempting thought. That is called spiritual maturity. It should not take a mature believer more than 2 or 3 seconds to expel such a thought.

— 4 —

Once a man who had been in prison three times for sexual crimes, asked me: "Since sexual desires are natural, how can a man be free from sexual lusts or temptation?" At that moment, the spirit of God gave me a reply which really helped him. I explained to him that healthy sex is normal; but when a man is obsessed by sex, so that he is a slave to his own sexual lusts, that is a demonic stronghold. The demonic stronghold can be broken and the normal sexual desires remain. He accepted that answer, earnestly sought to live a good, clean Christian life, and within the next few years, he grew into a good, strong believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and married a lady of a similar mind set.

If, after reading the above, you still consider yourself a pornography addict, please consider these:

As an older, mature person, I have come to understand that in this world we live in, women suffer more than men—this despite the fact that more men fight in wars, commit more crimes, serve more time in prisons, and turn to alcohol/drugs more than women. Women suffer from abuse by men. How many times have you ever heard of an "Abused-Men’s Shelter"? —But almost every city has a shelter for abused women!

Consider what the sex-slave trade does to young girls. In many countries, girls are lured into the sex-slave trade by promises of good-paying jobs in other countries. Some are bought as slaves for $100-$200. In some desperately poor countries, parents have been know to sell their own daughters for as little as $20. Almost all of these, once they get to other countries, are locked up in houses of prostitution, where they are used/abused by strange men who do not even speak their language.

Imagine the thoughts that must be going through their minds: "Is this my destiny?" Consider that even if a girl could escape from her captors, what would she do—a 15-year-old girl that doesn’t even know the language and has no money and little education. Who would she go to for help? How long would she have to search to find someone who speaks her language?

Now, consider this: In such places there are some people who have set up rescue operations to try to save such girls. Below is an account of a one-man rescue operation in India:


An Indian Christian’s Crusade to Free Sex Slaves

By Wendy Griffith —

Girls as young as 12 are sold as sex slaves into India's sex-trade industry. But one man is not just ‘standing by and watching.’ He goes in and rescues these girls.

Anson Thomas has rescued hundreds of girls over the years. But now some men are trying to stop him with accusations of forcefully converting girls to Christianity.

In Mumbai, India, I caught up with Anson Thomas during one of his daring rescues. As I walked with Anson Thomas, he told me, "This is the place where I come to meet the children, meet the girls. This is one of the lanes. There are so many lanes like this, where young girls are forced into prostitution." He went on, "You see these brothels which are locked, over there? When once the girls are inside, they cannot come out."

I said, "So, is this a brothel, right here?"

Anson replied, "Yes, this is a brothel."

Anson Thomas is not afraid to walk through Mumbai's infamous red-light district. That's because he's been here so many times before that many recognize him as the man who always carries a Bible. He's gotten to know the residents – many of them, prostitutes and the children of prostitutes.

Amazingly, the 38-year-old Thomas is also well-known as a national hockey player. He plays for the Indian Customs Department, where he also works. But his real passion is not found on the hockey field. Instead, it’s in the slums, the alleys and the seediest parts of Mumbai. There he boldly takes on brothel owners and corrupt police officers to rescue young women and girls from forced prostitution.

Anson said, "I, on my own, cannot rescue girls. But it is God who has called me and anointed me to do this work — to be a light in the darkness."

For the last 7 years, Anson Thomas has rescued about 500 or 600 young women from these brothels. The day we interviewed him, another rescue occurred thanks to a tip from Thomas to the police. Several young women, with their suitcases, were able to leave a brothel and board a police bus.

I asked him, "Aren't you afraid? This is a very dangerous thing to rescue girls from prostitution."

Anson said, "There is danger, even danger to life. But when God is with you, who can be against you? And you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Psalm 48, the last verse, says this: God is my God forever and ever, and He will guide us even unto death. So, nothing can happen to us without God knowing about it."

On this day, as it turned out, 16 young women gained their freedom. But hundreds of thousands remain captive, trapped in India's sex-trade industry.

Experts say the number of prostitutes in India is close to 8 million. More than a million of these are believed to be children and adolescents.

Girls have been lured to Mumbai from all over India with the promise of good jobs and a better life. But once here, those dreams turn into nightmares, as agents or even family members sell them as sex slaves to the brothels for as little as 50 thousand rupees or a mere $1100.

17-year-old Samata, not her real name, was one of those girls. Her aunt sold her to a brothel, at the tender age of 14. Fortunately, she had been there only a couple of weeks when Thomas helped rescue her.

The brothel-keepers that held her received a ten-year conviction. Samata was placed in a home for girls. Recently, Thomas and his partner James John helped her find training as a beautician.

Samata said, "I used to always pray to God, that He would help me, so I could work and learn. And that He would give me the strength that what ever I learned I could retain it. And God has given me all that."

Thomas said, "Once these girls are rescued, I see to it that they are rehabilitated. I follow them up, wherever they are placed, in a government home or in a private institution, where they are kept — and even help them get a job and some vocational training."

But not everyone is happy with the work of Anson Thomas. At his home in central Mumbai, Hindu politician Bal Kalsekar showed us a Bible and some Christian literature Thomas had handed out to the prostitutes. Bal was using it as "evidence" against Anson. Kalsekar said, "Anson Thomas went to the trouble of getting the Bibles in the same language as the girls, so he was definitely trying to force the girls to convert."

So, I said, "You'd rather see these girls, 14, 15, 16, raped on a daily basis and forced to have sex, rather than be converted [to Christ]?"

Kalsekar denied young girls were being raped and instead answered the question with another question. He asked, "Who is giving Thomas, a social worker, the right to do what he's doing? The police have the right to go and conduct raids, but who is giving the right to Thomas?"

Thomas admitted handing out Bibles to the prostitutes, but denied he was trying to [force] convert anyone. He explained, "The complaint was made by the brothel-keepers because they saw that their business was being affected. So they made these allegations on me."

He further explained what Christians know: "How can I forcefully covert anyone into Christianity? I don’t use force. What I've been doing is sharing the love of God. God loves these girls."

Police say Thomas will be allowed to continue his rescue missions. But Kalsekar made it clear, his group will be keeping a close eye on Thomas' work with young prostitutes.

Thomas says his fight is not with the Hindu politicians. He added, "It's not a fight between religions, it's a fight between the power of darkness, it’s a fight against Satan. So, that’s why we’ve got to be a light in darkness."

Thanks to that light, Samata now looks forward to a bright future, her heart full of thanks to the one who rescued her from darkness. Samata sang, "Thank you, thank you Jesus! Thank you, thank you Jesus. Thank you thank you Jesus, from my heart!"

Since we first brought you this story, Thomas says he's helped rescue another 90 young women from the brothels. In spite of continuing opposition, Thomas says he won’t give up, he’ll continue to free young women from Mumbai's sex-trade industry.

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Now, if all of this has affected you, consider how you might be able to get involved in such a rescue mission.

Finally consider the admonition of Apostle Paul: To avoid sexual immorality [fornication], let each man have his own wife, and let each woman have her own husband. 1st Corinthians 7:2


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