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Please, please, please! A forum discussion

10th March 2007

Hi Guys,This is a series of discussions I had on a forum recently. Because of the fonts  etc., I can only put it in pdf format.

Hope some of you get some answers from this.

Various anonymous writers involved.

It's 19 pages, so take it slow!



Someone asks why "Please, please, please"?

Ah Friends: This is the agonizing pain in Hades.
Would you want any dear one to go there, even if it is a limited time? (Heb: Olam - "concealed" to us, we do not know how long.)
They are suffering loss.
Therefore work the work while it yet day. Now is the Day of Salvation.
When the Light comes to you: do not refuse it, for you are losing precious time with Our Lord when you do, and causing injury to yourself.

12th March 2007 - And trust me on this one, I should know. Remember Jonah?

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