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Posted on this site 30th March 2007


By Gwen Shaw

April 23, 1988 — God's prophetess, , stood up before a large crowd of people to deliver the message that God had given her, when suddenly an extremely loud clap of thunder was heard in that meeting hall! Everyone recognized God's awesome presence, but many screamed out with fear. Sister Gwen had to hold back till the cries of the people died down. Everyone recognized that God had put a mighty stamp of approval on this message:

The Lord God of the Heavens Says to His Own

I will appear unto this nation as I have never appeared to it before. I am coming—says the Lord—as I came up to Jerusalem to cleanse the temple. Don't you know, my people, that I came twice to Jerusalem to cleanse the temple?

First Visit

I came in the beginning of my ministry, yes, I came with fire, and I came with zeal. I made myself whips, and with these whips I whipped out the place. I overthrew the money changers, and I freed the doves—says the Lord. I will again free the doves—says the Lord—one more time. I will free my people who have the touch of the Holy Ghost upon them. They will fly out of the synagogues and the temples, they will fly out of their houses of bondages, and they will fly out of the houses of merchandise. No man will be able to capture them, and no one will be able to bind them, and no one will be able to put them into cages.

Second Visit

I am coming one more time—says the Lord—and I am coming this one last time. This is the last visitation to this nation. And this time as I come, I will come and they will know who I am. The first time I came to Jerusalem, they did not know my name, but the second time I came, they knew who I was, that I was Jesus of Nazareth. And this nation will know who I am when I come into their midst. There will be no doubting—there will be no asking—there will be trembling at my coming, for great fear will fall upon this nation. This nation has never known the fear of God as it will know that fear when I come the second time to cleanse my temple!

Yes, the Lord says to you: Those of you who know me, walk carefully before me. Those who have heard the sound of my trumpet, you sound it also. This is not something you need to learn, it is something you hear and repeat by the Spirit. The Lord says to his people, even to this nation of America: I have given you much—and of those to whom much has been given, much will be required! You have fallen into your sins, and you have fallen into your shame, and you have been an embarrassment to my name among the nations of the world. Yes, the heathen nations have learned sin from you, they have learned abomination from you, they have learned ugliness from you, they have learned treachery from you, they have learned deceitfulness from you, they have learned the love of money from you, they have learned the love of flesh from you, and they have learned fornication and perversion from you. You have defiled the nations of the world with your pornography and with your "gangsterisms," and I say unto you, my children, I will visit this nation—put the blood on your doors! Yes, every day put the blood on your doors, for I will no more pass this way to bless, but I will pass this way to judge!

When I come this second time with my whip, when I come this time to cleanse you—I say to you—then there will be miracles and signs and wonders such as this nation has never seen, and they will come to me.

In the Streets, Not Churches

But they will find me in the streets. I will not walk in your churches; I will not walk in your temples. I will be found on the streets—says the Lord—I will be found in the cottages, and yes, I will be found in the outdoors. Masses will come together in the great outdoors. Hundreds of thousands will come seeking to hear my gospel preached in purity. There will be no building large enough to hold it. There will be no way that man will be able to maintain that which I will be doing in that day. No one will chain it! For the Holy Ghost will burn like fire, and the fire of God will burn out the dross. The fire of God will cleanse and purify the living temples of the Lord.

The Judgment and Glory

Yes, and the glory of God will be seen even over vast areas of these states. For I will come, and the judgment and the glory will come together—says the Lord. Yes, do not think it will be one and then the other [the judgment and then the glory]. They will come together, my children. I will be there in judgment, and I will be there in the glory! I will visit this nation, and some I will judge and wipe out, and others I will lift up and bless.

Names never heard of will become names on the lips of man, and those who have been talked about with great pride and admiration and much advertising will be a defamation before the people. Man will not talk of church growth, but man will talk of revival. Man will not talk of visiting evangelists, but men will talk of the visitation of the Holy Ghost. I will come walking through the streets of this Jerusalem one more time. Yes, I have begun my work, and my whip is now in my hand, says the Lord. Therefore walk carefully before me, my people. Walk in holiness. Your space of grace has come to a close.

No Man Fit to Lead

Know that there is no man [fit] to stand in this White House. There is no man! I looked for a man to stand in the gap, but I did not find him—says the Lord. And because there is none, I have to judge this nation—says the Lord. I have to pour out my wrath upon them, for there is not enough righteousness in the nation to make you worthy of a godly leader and ruler. And because of your condition—says the Lord—I am coming to give you a taste of the bitterness of disobedience.

The Intercessors

Oh my children, my children, I have called you and called you, and I doubled your days of grace. Yes, I doubled them—says the Lord—for first there were only a few years, but I doubled them because you prayed. But you have neglected to [continue to] cry out to me. You have neglected to travail and to mourn and to cry, to fast and to weep, to abase yourselves. And what can I do—says the Lord your God? If there is no Moses on my mount making intercession, I must judge the people—says the Lord. If there are no Aarons and no Hurs to hold up the hands of the weak, I must judge. You have pushed my intercessors aside, and you have crushed them—says the Lord—and now there is no one to make intercession for you!

Yes, my children, my children, I love you. I stand weeping over you. How often I would have gathered you into my arms and under my wings as a hen would gather her chicks, but you were not willing. You ran in your own rebellious ways. Yes, and you have made yourself coverings that are not from me—says the Lord. And these coverings have been an abomination, for they have not protected you from my wrath—says God. And now, I come one last moment, but this time prepare your hearts, for it will not be only in sweetness, not only in honey, but it will be with tears.


Yes, and the Lord would say to you, there will come a persecution in this nation such as the Christians have never known. It will be well organized, it will be under the control of anti-Christ spirits that hate the name of the Lord your God, and hate you, his people. Those who will not align themselves with the world church organization and with world religions, yes, I say unto you, they will know the bitterness of mockery and rejection and scoffing and lies. And they will know stonings—says the Lord. They will know it as they have never known it. Yes, there will be persecutions.

Yes, I say to you, this honor that the world has given you will be removed. The world will not honor you any more, my Christian children, but you will know the suffering that comes with the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There will be a sifting, and there will be a shaking, and many will fall away—says the Lord. A remnant will be left who will know the glory of God and the power of God, but to this remnant I will give revival. It will be a revival in the midst of persecution, a revival in the midst of rejection, a revival in the midst of suffering and dying for me. There will be a pure revival—says the Lord. I am sick and tired of your man-made revivals, and I will have myself a holy revival, a pure and unadulterated revival wherein I can walk among my living stones of fire as the Lord God of the Glory. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!

Baby Preachers

And you will no more ask who is preaching, for I, the preacher, will preach through babes and through children. Yes, and if you reject the vessel that I send, if you reject the instrument of revival, you will go into darkness. For I will use the unexpected. I will use the ones who have been prepared in the furnace of affliction, who have known how to yield their bodies to the fire. For it's those who know how to yield their bodies to the fire that will survive the burnings of Nebuchadnezzar's furnace. And they will come out with the glory of the Son of God upon them. All will know that God has an anointed remnant in this land.

Many Will Fall; Others Will Be Promoted

Oh, you say, what is the Lord saying? What is the Lord saying? The Lord is saying, I will yet do two great things in this nation. Î I will send judgment with much persecution, but I will also send out of the judgment a pure, clean, holy revival. Ï I will send a visitation, and I will walk among the candles of my church—says the Lord. I will purify and I will cleanse. Some are too late—they will be utterly moved aside, and they will be taken from their place. Some have lost their first love, but they will be revived—says the Lord. Others will know the glory of God even at the very place where Satan is seated.

For I am with you—says the Lord—to show myself to my people. Yes, I have given you a double space of grace. What have you done with it, my children? From now on, prepare; yes, prepare. I say to you, this will be a time of much testing, but do not look at those who will fall. So many will fall at your side, and yes, ten thousand at your right hand. But if you walk with me and talk with me and live a holy, humble life, it will not come near you, but only with your eyes you will behold and see the reward of the wicked. I say to you, it is not enough to preach my holiness. The hour has come when you must live my holiness. You must walk in my purity—says the Lord your God. Yes, and as Ezra saw the situation and the condition, and he saw the intermarriage of the children of the Lord—even in that short time, that short space of grace—he saw there had been transgression. Even under the difficult circumstances, they had played with my truth and played with my laws and defied them—says the Lord. They had married themselves to the ungodly and the pagans ’round about. And the Lord says, this Church of America has wedded itself to whoredoms. You have played with fornication and you have not walked in holiness. In fact, you have mocked those who have preached it.

A Call for Cleansing

The Lord called. Yes, I the Lord your God, called for a cleansing and a separation among the house [temple] of Jerusalem, and once more I call for a cleansing in my house. I call for separation. Come out of her, my people! Come out of her, my people! Yes, if any man love the world and the things of this earth, the love of the father is not in him. Therefore, I call you to come and build yourself an altar at my bloody cross. Yes, come and kneel at my feet. Let my blood drops flow all over you. Receive a fresh cleansing, Church of Christ in America. You will not make it without the cleansing of the temple. Yes, your temple must be cleansed. Yes, it must be cleansed, my children. And only my blood and my word can cleanse you now.

The Narrow Way

Yes, hear the Word of the Lord your God. As you lie down, as you rise up, as you walk in your task and your duties, hear the word of the Spirit. For the Holy Ghost will begin to talk to you as He never has before. But you must shut out the other sounds, even the sounds that are not sinful sounds. Even the sounds that are proper and acceptable, but they will hinder you—says the Lord—from hearing the sound of the Voice of the Lord. It will become a very narrow road. I say to you, I have grieved and mourned as I have seen my children in this nation walk a pathway that has become broader and broader until it has become like your great highways, yes, of many, many lanes, and you have widened your roads, and widened your roads. But the Lord says, I am bringing it down to a narrow pathway, and things you could do last year, you will not be able to do this year. And things you are doing today, you will not be able to do next year at this time, for I am going to teach my people holiness. You will not learn it from the pulpits, but you will learn it from the Holy Spirit who dwells within you. Yes, I have come with a scourge to your temple. I have come to clean you out. I have come to set you free. I have come to do a new work within you.

And you will see my glory. I am Jesus of Nazareth. I stand among you. I speak through my handmaidens and I speak through my servants. For these are the last days when I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters will prophesy, and upon my handmaidens in those days will I pour out my Spirit and they will prophesy!

Receive Your Anointing

Handmaidens of the Lord, arise and receive again the anointing that was denied you by the money-changers! Yes, receive it, handmaidens of the Lord. I have called many of you to prophesy, but you have been pushed in the corner, and your mouth has been sealed, and the fear of man has brought a snare upon you. But I want you to stand and prophesy my word in the houses of God. If they will not have you, stand on the door steps and prophesy. Stand as the people come in and stand as they go out, and you will soon know what persecution is in this land. You will know you are not free as you thought you were. Yes, you are free when you do everything that is popular, when you do everything that is acceptable to man. But when you do what I command you to do, then you will know the bondages that are in the Church.

Who told you—where did you read in my word that in order to speak forth my word, you must first write it down and let the elders of the church accept it? I say unto you, if I could, I would have given the word to my elders. But they could not receive it. So how will they accept what I give through you?

Yet you will go from this place with a new fire, with a new zeal, for my spirit is touching you this day. I say unto you, you will taste the bitterness of persecution. Prepare your hearts to be rejected. For I say unto you, never has a revival been accepted. It has been hounded! It has been persecuted! It has been hated by the enemy of revival! But I told you this day, that in the very presence of the Prince of Persia you will build the wall! Hallelujah!

Oh, I will not remove the Prince of Persia, for he has a legal right to be in this world until I bind him and put him in the pit. But in spite of his presence, you will build my wall. It will be joined from house to house, from servant to servant, and my house will also be built, not of man's mortar and stones, but of God's living stones. You are that house that I am building, if you do not rebel against my word. And if my word abides in you, I will place you into your position in the eternal tabernacle of God that will come down and dwell with men. There will be no need of light, for the Lord, the Lamb of God, is its light. As he fills you, you will all become vessels of light. His glory will be seen upon you, in you, through you, and it will reach out to the nations of the world, for the nations of the world sit in darkness. I say I will not save with a nation anymore, but I will save through my people, through my anointed vessels. The day has come—says the Lord—for the glory of the Lord to cover the earth, even as the waters cover the sea.

Come to my glory! Come and be filled with my glory! Come and receive of my glory, and take that glory with you as you go back into the darkness. Oh, you will be light in comparison to the darkness, that as the darkness increases, the light of God will increase within you. For as sin abounds, grace abounds that much more. And my grace will abound upon you, in you, and through you. And you will know my glory, you will know my blessings—says the Lord. For the day has come, yes it is now here. It is not tomorrow, it is now—says the Lord.

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