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Quack or a very good fact? You decide!!

2nd March 2007
(News links - 21 Aug 2007)

Hi Guys,

Passing along some info.

'Okay, okay. Enough of all this "alternative" stuff already!'

'You don't seem to get out much, do you?' True, true!!

But it's important, so sorry about all this (not really apologizing...).

However the 'Main' Medical Establishment is not the sole repository of knowledge. So bear with me!

You may already know of this, as have I. But have you really "heard" it or just the "debunking" of it? So I'm just getting the info out a little more.

Decide what you will. But spread your mind, put away pride, and think a bit differently!! Our modern results are not good enough; and we may be getting bogged down in the wrong channels. So its good to take another look sometimes.

Nature has provided so many ways for us.
Remember the saying: "an apple a day..."  It may just include: "plus it's....a day!"

50min video (160MB)

Laughable? Untrue? Dangerous rumours? Raising false hopes?

See this for arguments for/against it. Then look at "traditional" sites.

On another topic: How  much are we destroying ourselves with Aspartame (Sweeteners)?

2min video trailer.

For DVD (you need to see it!) check Amazon etc... for Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

You decide! What's the verdict?


Links to 2 Geniuses of our time
- Raymond Rife: for his Rife Machine that killed cancer (42mins) --

-Nikola Tesla: for all the electricity you use (16mins)--
                                       The best one!   (14mins)--

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