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6th March 2007 (Full video re-uploaded 4th Jan 2008)


(See Videos for a discussion on cancer)

A rare glimpse of the humble Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse, who brought "Essiac" to the world in the 1920's. Filmed in the 70's. Essiac (Caisse written backwards) was her herbal cancer remedy. It works by re-building the immune system. She struggled for 50 years to get it recognized and widely available, but was let down by the Canadian government by 3 votes in parliament. She is the unrecognised "Florence Nightingale"of our modern generation.

The formula:

  • SHEEP’S SORREL (Rumex Acetosella) - 16 ounces as powder
  • BURDOCK ROOT (Arctium Lappa) - 6 1/2 cups in cut form
  • INDIAN RHUBARB ROOT (Rheum Palmatum) - 1 ounce in powdered form
  • SLIPPERY ELM BARK (Ulmus Fulva) -.4 ounces in powdered form

Complete 27min video embedded below with volume re-edited, as previous upload had poor audio (only known video of Rene Caisse).

See this website for a wonderful testimony of a nurse's cancer cure in 2004 within 60days with herbs, oxygen, protease enzymes, heat, and an alkaline diet! --

"I beat my cancer in just over 60 days, without chemotherapy or radiation. I had lab results taken every 2 weeks that were better every time. After 30 days there were no smudge cells present and my white count and lymphocyte count dropped until normal.
Again I used:

Total body detoxifier Flor- Essence, also known as Essiac tonic, everyday until my Leukemia was gone! I found it very interesting that President John F. Kennedy knew about this product!" -End Quote-

Also see these quotes from doctors about the politics of cancer --    pdf here

I don't know when this battle between Orthodox and Alternative Medicine will stop; as well as the dumbing-down of everything not done in a "normal" hospital. I don't see any quick solutions in the future, but I pray and hope that it ends soon -because patients are suffering & dying from all the wrangling. Both groups must work together for the benefit of all.

If you don't trust it or are sceptical, at least use it for your loved ones with cancer pain - which was Rene's original intention, but the wonderful side effect of cancer regression was noted!

Stay blessed,


Essiac Preparation (Ready-made preps available. But fakes exist):

Mix these ingredients thoroughly and store in a glass jar in a dark dry cupboard.

2. Take a measuring cup, use 1 ounce of herb mixture to 32 ounces of water depending on the amount you want to make.

3. 1 cup of mixture to 8 x 32 = 256 ounces of water.  Boil hard for 10 minutes (covered) then turn off heat but leave sitting on warm plate over night (covered).

4. In the morning heat steaming hot and let it settle a few minutes, then strain through fine strainer into hot sterilized bottles and sit to cool.  Store in dark cool cupboard.  Must be refrigerated when opened.

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Read more about her, Essiac and people cured; plus a banned book by the same author.

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Complete Video. Better audio

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Essiac. Rene Caisse. Part 2 of 4. 7mins