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17th July 2007

Snatching the Kingdom

David Weber
"Now, from the days of John the baptist hitherto, the kingdom of the heavens is being violently forced and the violent are snatching it." (Matthew 11:12 CLT)
This is not speaking of La-z-boy sitting, bon-bon eating, latest newsletter reading "Kingdom" Christians folks. This bespeaks of a people who walk in a place of Kingdom authority, and exercise that authority wherever they go.
This "authority" can be exercised anywhere, saints, wherever there are things (even spirits) and people that are not in full subjection to the Lord Himself. This is speaking about our walk in the grocery store, at the doctors office, and even about things and people in our own homes or on our streets. We don't have to be sent out into "the mission field" to be violently snatching the Kingdom. WE ARE IN THE MISSION FIELD WHEREVER WE GO, and we will be there UNTIL the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ.
I don't see that that has happened yet, do you?
Some of the teachings that I've been hearing lately about God's "sons" not being distracted or detracted from "filling up with light" by ministering to the least, the lost, and the poor is a bunch of selfish nonsense, if you ask me. No one is going to get me to believe that God's plan is for His children all over the world to be held in bondage to sin and death while His so called "deliverers" sit around all day preaching to one another about all the wonderful things that they are going to do someday.
I gotta tell ya, I can't stomach much more of that kind-of "kingdom" stuff anymore. There's a whole world out there that is crying out for a manifestation of Christ, and God is giving them just that, when He finally finds someone who is REALLY willing to sacrifice their life so that they might be a blessing to other people. You cannot live a sacrificed life unto the Lord for the sake of blessing other people and not manifest Christ. You just can't (and believe me, you don't need all the latest and greatest "revelations" to manifest Him either). 
Let me end this letter in this way, on a personal note for all of us ...
The beginning of "violently seizing the Kingdom," begins with being utterly violent toward our own self wants and needs and comforts. We can't be married to the things of self and the world, not even our own creature comforts, NOT EVEN OUR OWN MINISTRY, and be those who are truly SNATCHING the Kingdom of God. Elijah, John the baptist, and certainly Jesus Himself are all patterns for TRUE Kingdom snatchers.
Just where are the true Kingdom snatchers today, eh? Where are they?