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Sons, stars, daystar

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[Part 6 of Creation Series]

19th October 2006

Hi guys,

just some definitions to help us along the way.

1. Sons of God (Job1:6, 2:1; Dan 3:25)
Remember it has no gender connotation (see 'the Giants. Who are they?').
In the old testament used for 'the givers of God' - God's angels.

In the new testament used now exclusively for  God's children(John 1:12, Rom 8:14, Phil 2:15, 1John3:1), those that follow The Son of God - Jesus Christ (God in human flesh). We become the ultimate 'givers of God' - giving Him praise, glory, honour in our lives, all through the effect of Christ's death and resurrection.

2. Morning stars (Job 38:7)
Hebrew - Boqer (morning, break of day, dawn) Kobab (star, blazing. Occasionally as prince)

You will realize that there are no stars in the morning, as stars appear at night. So these are not physical stars. Only the sun (singular) appears in the day.
This is the only place these 2 words are used together to create an entirely different meaning. Much like hydrogen and oxygen coming together to make water (H2O). These are dawn blazers, break of day princes - daystars! These, I believe are human spirits. Indicating our brightness at creation.

3. Lucifer
Hebrew -Heylel
'Light-bearer' according to Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew dictionary.
'Morning star' according to Strong's Hebrew & Greek dictionary

It is derived from 'Halal'. This has two meanings -positive and negative:
a. Praise, Shine (Gen 12:15, 2Sam 14:25, Ps 106:48, Job 29:3)
b. Rave, Mad (1 Sam 21:13, Job 12:17, Jer 25:16)

The word Lucifer is used only once in  the old testament (just like morning stars) - Isa 14:21 ' How art thou fallen from heaven , O Lucifer, son of the morning'.

I guess you can see where the current concept of satan being called lucifer before his fall comes from.

First, I do not subscribe to the concept that satan was created just as he currently is.

If he was created like this, why should he be punished? It would mean his hands are tied i.e. beyond his control. Shall not the  Lord God judge righteously? The fire was prepared for the devil and his angels (Matt 25:41). So everything was known ahead of time.

Let us not charge God with unrighteous judgment (using our standards). He said everything was good by the 6th day. There was no sin, no rebellion. Remember, He never calls evil good (Deu 30:15, Isa 5:20), or darkness good (Gen 1:4).

I also do not subscribe to the concept that satan's name was Lucifer before he fell.

Lucifer is not a name, as much as all the satanist organisations want to worship the devil by this name.
Lucifer is an attribute - an attribute of light, of praise (the morning stars sang...).

Should we use this word again? No, it is corrupted now. As people have permanently associated it to darkness. But remember it was not even a name to start with.

The bible does not tell us what satan's name was before he turned. It doesn't name alot of angels. He was of the sons of God company, not the morning stars  company. Hence he was able to  attend the routine conferences by the sons of God (Job 1: 6, Job2:1, Zec 3:2, Jude 9). He is a rebellious angel. Nevertheless, still an angel, as the gifts of God are without repentance (Rom 11:29).

His role is now accuser, opposer, deceiver ( Rev 12:9, Gen 3:4)

What then do the 2 scriptures that are often used for his fall mean? (Remember he wasn't the only angel that fell - Gen 6:2).

Isaiah 14.
Verse 4: '... take up this proverb against the king of Babylon...' This is a man. The king wanted to be worshipped (remember what happened to Nebuchadnezzar? Dan 4:30). Human beings are morning stars - that's the name for the spirit of man.

Eze 28.
Verse 2'...son of man, say unto the prince of Tyrus...' This also is a man.  Tyre was an ancient port city  ...' in the midst of the seas' . This king also wanted to be worshipped as god. The city had a lot of trade and riches.

Verse 13 '...thou has been in eden the garden of God...' The city was rich, beautiful and heavily fortified.
Verse 14 '...the anointed cherub that covereth (fenced in)...' Cherub is 'krub' in hebrew. It is a figure that the mind uses to describe a spiritual force. He thought he was a great spiritual force that was so protected that he got proud. But God was the one that set him up. '... I set thee so...'
Verse 15 '...perfect in thy ways...' While he acknowledged God as his source of defence, things went well. Once he began to be proud...'iniquity was found in thee...'

Even if we attempt to connect this to someone else - it is not satan, but ADAM.

Read the Genesis story in chapter 2 and 3. Adam and Eve were 'anointed cherubs that were covered'.i.e anointed spirits covered with human bodies. Their heart got lifted up ...'tree to be desired to make one wise...'(Gen 3:6). They then lost their anointing (cover of light) and just became 'cherubs that were covered'. That's when they noticed they were naked.

I realize this may be touching some nerves here. But search and see.

The fallen angels didn't want to become like God, they wanted to become like man! Why do you think satan is always accusing us before God. - He thinks he can do a better job of ruling earth! That's why he has been jeopardizing humans since Adam and Eve.

Why was the human spirit called a morning star. A star is distant. It tells us that man as spirit was not the ultimate. Man perfected in Jesus Christ with a glorified body is the ultimate!

Jesus is called the Bright and Morning Star - This is THE REAL SUN(S-U-N)! (Rev 22:16). He is the Ultimate Morning Star (2Pet1:19). He says , 'he that overcomes will receive the morning star'(Rev 2:28). The ultimate Morning Star!

The overcomer will receive Jesus Christ in His full glory as the S-U-N.

I hope this has helped clear up some thoughts.

Stay blessed in Him,


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