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2nd August 2007

The Maze of Life - Part 1

Hi Guys,

Confusion reigns over the issue of predestination and free-will.

How free is someone to act if his acts are already pre-determined? What is the scriptural basis for freewill? For predestination?

Some are vessels of honour. Others vessels of dishonour. (2 Tim 2:20)

A vessel of dishonour might say, "Well if I have been chosen for this, I am not responsible for changing my ways. Nor do I want to."

A vessel of honour might say, "Then I cannot falter no matter what I do. It will always be the path God chose for me, whatever path I 'feel' led to choose?"

This is what the Calvinists and Arminianists have struggled with.

"Pharaoh, have I raised you up to show My power in thee" (Rom 9:17)

"He hardened Pharaohs heart." (Exo 4:21, 14:4)

Then another verse says, "Pharaoh hardened his heart." (Exo 8:15)

Had Pharaoh already decided to "harden his heart" and our Lord seeing this predisposition used it for His glory?

"I have created the waster to destroy." (Isa 54:16)

So what is our order in this life?

I would like to introduce to you the concept of the "Maze of Life".

What then is a maze?

A maze is a complex system of tunnels or paths within a fixed structure.

Take one path, you could reach a dead end. Take another path, you could end up where you started.

I would like to suggest to you that life is a Maze. But that the only way out of that Maze i.e. the doorway out of it, is Christ Jesus.

Some in this life will continue getting lost within the maze of life till they cross over. There are billions on the earth in this quandary. They can not reach their final destination, because they are stuck in a path that ends in a dead end or leads them right to where they started.

I would suggest to you that in this life we have "choices". That we have multiple paths that we could easily follow. Each would become our "chosen" path.

I would suggest to you that the Maze is provided by our God; that He will not force us in our choice. But He knows the outcome of every choice and pathway. They are not fixed for us. We work them out. But He knows which one we are going to take. He will eventually turn every choice we make around for His glory. I think the best natural way to explain this is if you understood Permutations when you did Mathematics back in your school days.

Permutations is all about ordered sequences. Do this, you get that. Do that, you get this. Each sequence has a different outcome, but yet is restricted within the whole. Permutations is = total possible combinations of a given configuration.

For example: How many times can you re-arrange the word Bright? We could get Brigth, Britgh, Brihgt etc...

Changing a letter changes the outcome, but it remains a five letter combination. This is the Maze of life. Our "choices".

That is the nearest I can relate to you the concept of this Maze in earthly concepts. The Maze is vastly more superior to this concept of combinations. Let me know what other concepts any of you may have.

I would suggest to you that before we arrived into this life, we all had good intentions to fulfill. Good plans to glorify our Father in Heaven (Predestination). Restricting ourselves to the sin-laden body of clay, we forgot our intentions and were thrust into this Maze to figure it out. We are given hints here and there along this way. But we can chose to ignore or do them, or even do the opposite (Free Will).

I would suggest to you, that the only right WAY to the end point of this maze is the NARROW WAY OF THE CROSS.

"Narrow is the way that leads to life. Broad the Way that leads to destruction." (Matt 7:13)

The broad way is the "dead-end" way. It leads to loss (Grk Apoleia. Translated "destruction" in the KJV, also in Rom 9:22 & Phillip 3:19. Same word for "waste" in Matt 26:8, Mark 14:4. "Perdition" in John 17:12, Phillip 1:28. "Perish" in Acts 8:20. "Pernicious" 2Pet 2:2)

I would suggest to you, that the Maze of Life does not end at our physical death.

I would suggest to you that there is only ONE end to this Maze of Life. That end is the life in Jesus Christ, and that all will eventually reach this end point. But many will go through dead-ends in the maze before they find this narrow way. It is the few that find it. For only few can walk on it at any given time. For it is lonely (one-to-one with the Father). Luke 13:23-36.

(Workers of Iniquity. Yet they knew Him as Lord. They had not chosen the narrow way. Hence they shall be last. For they will be the last to choose that way - Luke 13:30.)

It is said many seek it. Yes, many are seeking the end-point of the Maze of Life. But they seek it in the wrong things. For some it may be money. Others it may be fame. Others it may be family. Others it may be career. The only way to the end-point is the Cross.

It will never change.

Throughout all Universes, the pathway of one-to-one with the Father is the only way to the Maze's exit. His name is Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He will always remain the Way, the Truth and the Life in every dimension. Throughout all time!

Blessings to you today,


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