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27th May 2007

To Live As Sacrifices

By David Weber

27th May 2007

Beloved, there is an awakening coming soon; an explosive awakening in a people to the heart and purposes of God in Christ, and an awakening to all that is false and earthy and corrupt in the church but tries to pass itself off as "Christ."  This awakening, Beloved, will bring a (remnant) people into a measure of purification and holiness and oneness with God like the church has not experienced in almost 2000 years.

God is consecrating kings and priests in this day, those who shall reign with Him from a place of great spiritual authority and power in heavenly places in the coming age. These king/priests are not those who are married to worldly pursuits and pleasures and material things yet believe that going to church and doing good religious things causes them to be well with God and men. No, these are they who are travailing in prayer through deep  spiritual groanings for deliverance from all that is earthy and carnal so that they might glorify God in all that they do and say, and that -- each and every moment of each and every day!

Such as these, Beloved, are now beginning to truly live as "sacrifices" for the benefit of others -- THAT is becoming their actual experience! Is that your experience, Christian? Are you embracing the sufferings of Christ so that you might be a blessing to others, and that, at a deep and sometimes even painful personal expense, or is much of your life still lived for what is most comfortable and pleasing to your self-life -- still avoiding the discomfort of the disciple's cross?

I tell you friends, to live as a sacrifice unto God is only our "reasonable service." If we think that we can live in any other way than in sacrificial service to God and to others and think that we will possess the Kingdom Life that Jesus said "very few will find" ... we are terribly, terribly deceived.

With this said -- I attach a short video here in which David Wilkerson shares about the "seeker friendly" church that so proliferates today, and the "other gospel" that they are preaching there. -- D

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