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26th June 2007


David Weber

I've heard many Christians who do not understand God's eternal purposes say, "If God is going to save everyone, then why did Christ even have to die for us, and why then should we risk everything, even possibly our lives, to deliver an unnecessary message?" 
To these I simply share that it is the death of our Saviour Jesus Christ that makes it possible for everyone to be "saved" in the first place. ALL have sinned ... and Christ died for ALL. ALL get saved because of Christ's sacrifice for ALL (each in their own rank and order (1 Cor. 15). This is a process that is worked out over the course of many ages, though. Not all are now saved. Nor will all will be saved during the coming age. But when God's plan and purposes for His creation are fully wrought out ... God will be ALL in ALL (I don't know how anyone can make sense out of "predestination" without this). 

In regard to "delivering an unnecessary message" ...
What could possibly lead people to believe that a message is required to save SOME men but is not required to save ALL men?

Let's look at it this way (an analogy borrowed from a brother) ...

If there are one hundred people trapped in a burning building and ten firemen can possibly save ten of them, does that mean that to save ALL people NO FIREMEN are required? If the intention is to save ALL people trapped in the building should NO FIREMEN be sent, but if the intent is to save only SOME people then firemen must be dispatched? 

The truth, beloved, is that the Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached in all the world for a witness, then the "end" will come.

Unfortunately, little of this "Kingdom" Gospel has been known by most Christians during the Pentecostal age. Up until this point most of Christendom has had some understanding of the Gospel of salvation, but very few saints have had understanding of God's Plan of the Ages -- which includes the Restitution of All Things and the Reconciliation of ALL Men..

But we are at the dawn of a new day, beloveds ... thank God for that.