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War on the saints!

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31st October 2006 (Links to book added 4th February 2007)

The fire is issuing forth from Zion. In Jesus Name it shall not cease. It shall not be diminished. It shall accomplish its mission.

I decree soundness of mind, freedom from fear, power to love in Jesus name. I stand on the word – the Lord has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2Tim 1:7).

I issue forth a decree for the return of all executive functions, a return of all mental capability, a destruction of all passivity. For the Lord Jesus has received all authority, all power, and all strength. He has the keys (the answer and the way out) of hell and death (Rev 1:18).

I therefore command freedom for the captive.

The years that have been stolen, I now restore in Jesus Name.

Thank you Lord God that your word shall not return to you void. Amen!    --T

WAR ON THE SAINTS By Jesse Penn-Lewis 1912

(Summary of Chapter 8 of the book in her own words)

The victory has been won by Christ. Satan and his deceiving spirits have been conquered. But my actual liberation as a believer demands my ACTIVE COOPERATION WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, and the steady exercise of my will, choosing freedom instead of bondage, and the normal use of every faculty of my being, set at liberty from the bondage of the enemy.


  1. Recognize persistently the true cause of bondage; i.e. the work of evil spirits.
  2. It is possible for me to be deceived. Why am I deceived? When did it happen?
  3. Choose to have absolutely nothing to do with the powers of darkness. Frequently declare this.
  4. Do not talk or trouble about their manifestations. Recognize, refuse and then ignore them. ‘An enemy has done this’. Refuse natural excuses as the 1st source.
  5. Refuse and reject all their lies as they are recognized.
  6. Notice the thoughts, and the way in which they come, and when. Then immediately declare the attitude of Rom 6:11 against all the interferences of the enemy.
  7. Use the weapon of scripture.


  1. Act as far as you can, doing what you can.
  2. Take the initiative, instead of passively depending on others.
  3. Decide for yourself in everything you can. Do not lean on others.
  4. Live in the moment, watch and pray step by step.
  5. Use your mind and THINK –think over all you do, and say, and are.
  6. I, myself, WILL do my own work.
  7. In the past I willed not to do my own work. This I NOW REVOKE forever.
  8. I WILL to remember.


  1. I choose the will of God, and I refuse the will of satan [energising the carnal mind and sometimes – bypassing it. Ed].
  2. I refuse the cause of this attack, and I trust the Lord to destroy it.
  3. Lord, destroy all the devils’ lies to me.
  4. I refuse all evil fight now in my spirit, soul and body.
  5. I refuse the influence, the power, the touch, the leading, the guiding of e.s
  6. I refuse to obey, surrender, listen, ask or pray to e.s
  7. I refuse all knowledge, visions, messages, all help from e.s


  1. Keep claiming the power of the blood of Christ – Rev 12:11 (the finished work of Christ).

Stand daily on Rom 6:11 –as the attitude to sin.

  1. Pray for light, face the past (no regrets or brooding).
  2. Resist the devil persistently in your spirit (James 4:7).
  3. Never give up hope that you will be set free.
  4. Avoid all introspection.
  5. Live and pray for others, and thus keep your spirit in full aggressive and resisting power.
The complete book can be found here or download from here .They have done a wonderful job of making this extremely essential and previously rare unabridged work available online.
Their disclaimer, however - as I have already discussed elsewhere - is not espoused by me. 1Tim 2:11-15 speak of those following the teachings about the goddess Diana in Ephesus which said Eve was created before Adam. 1Cor14:34-35 is a quote of what people in Corinth were saying. That's why in verse 36, Paul say,'What?...' He was rebuking them for talking like this and thinking they were prophetic! There is no Old Testament Law commanding female silence. Search & see! There is neither bond, or free, male or female..(Gal 3:28).

Enjoy the book. The unabridged 1912 version can also be bought on Amazon. It's a real essential read for all Christians!!

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