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2nd March 2007

Hi Guys,

This is a good article on the 2 resurrections by Dr. Robert Thompson.

While I do not agree with the author about the nature and purpose of the Lake of Fire (the L.O.F); he nevertheless does an excellent work on the discussions centering on the 2 Resurrections as noted in the book of Revelations and the wrong attitudes we as Christians have about salvation and works.

(Remember the L.O.F is in the PRESENCE of the Lamb & His Holy Angels. That's a loaded statement that can't be taken lightly. But don't think of CIA-style torture here! Rev 14:10. You may see my articles 'suffering' 'torment' 'worms' for more info.)

Below is a glimpse of Dr. Thompson's wonderful article:

“The first resurrection from the dead is not the resurrection of salvation. It is a special advance resurrection for the purpose of changing the occupants of the spiritual thrones that govern the earth from fallen angels to the saints of the Lord, the Lord’s conquerors. There is nothing in Revelation 20:4-6 suggesting that this is the resurrection of salvation or that it is the time when the eternal destinies of most people are decided.....
“When the light of the Lord Jesus comes, people must choose that Light. But they cannot choose the light until they behold it.
 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. (John 3:19)
All except the victorious saints will be raised and judged at the end of the thousand-year period. Those whom the Lord regards as worthy will be redeemed from the moral lusts and chains of the enemy and will be brought forward to eternal life in the new world. Those whom the Lord regards as unworthy, regardless of their profession of belief in Himself, will not be redeemed but will be cast into the fire. Remember, even the demons realize there is a God and that Jesus is Christ! (Mark 1:24).
Some religionists, even Christian religionists, are heading for the Lake of Fire if they do not permit Jesus to change their deeds. But no person who has an honest and good heart ever will end up in the Lake of Fire unless, of course, he chooses not to receive Jesus when Jesus comes to him. If he rejects Jesus he has prevented his own redemption, for the Lord Jesus is the only redeemer God will accept.
There are people who are not prepared to become a citizen of the new world. They hate their brothers and sisters. They always take care of their own needs and desires and ignore the needs and desires of others. They are wealthy in material goods but do not share with the poor. They are treacherous—betrayers of those who trust in them. By their self-seeking they bring everyone around them to grief, and they will continue to do so wherever God places them.
Some Christians fit this description. How would you like to spend eternity with such an individual—Christian or not?...

“In some instances, prominent leaders of the churches are proud, self-centered people. They think that because they have been active in the "work of God" their personal selfishness and self-seeking, their treachery toward their fellow believers, will be overlooked. But when they stand before God they will be condemned. Their works will be burned and they themselves may be cast into outer darkness.
On the other hand, an individual who lived and died on a remote island or in a jungle somewhere, who never heard of Jesus but who behaved according to his conscience and was regarded as an honorable person by his peers, may very well be welcomed by Christ into the Kingdom of God —as was the thief on the cross.
Which kind of person would you prefer to have living next to you in the new world: a self-willed, proud church leader who is doctrinally correct, who has "accepted Jesus"; or a kindhearted, honest soul who has never heard the Gospel?
Which one would the Lord Jesus prefer to be with?
It is those with an "honest and good heart" who are able to enter the Kingdom (Luke 8:15).
We Christians place far too much emphasis on religion and not nearly enough on what kind of person we are. But God virtually ignores the religion in favor of what kind of person we are (as measured by our behavior). It is the purpose of religion to make us better people, not more fervent, more accurate religionists. Christ welcomes people, not religion. He is a Savior and King, not a theologian or the leader of a religion….”
-End Quote-

See the rest here:

Stay blessed and please ponder this deeply,