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9th June 2007

This is an important word a lovely sister sent via email. --T


I am aware of the workings of God not because I am smart, faithful, or wise but because He keeps me informed. I am His and He is mine. My hope is that all will proclaim and live this type of relationship with their one true God and I know that it won't be long...that is in God's time frame not that of man.

I should share with you that I had sat down to do my Bible Study but instead of the study The Lord told me to get paper and pen and be prepared to write. That is how I received this word - I simply said o.k. Lord I will be your hand today.

It's important that we understand the message I was given was not being spoken just for my edification or in response to a time of prayer but was being given for His body. It is from that perspective The Lord was speaking, not for me only but for all.

On Apr 27, 2007

"Where are my servants?" says The Lord. "Sound the trumpet call that they will awake and rise and be my people.

Who has remembered me? Who knows my ways? 'No one' you say but did not even I call to you and say 'You are my witnesses. I have chosen you. You are to be my servant so that you may know and believe me and understand that I AM He'?

All day long you stand before me crying with petition on your breath. But I will cry before you for you are like smoke, your prayers - a little incense - if only you will ask for what is right!

Who stands in the city squares? Who is it that proclaims The Glory of The Lord? Is it not the heathen who crowd your halls and close your mouths? But you will be my witnesses and my servant and not only will you know and believe me and understand I AM but you will proclaim my goodness all day long. Of my name, there will be no end."


Yours in Christ,
Lisa  ~ "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also" Matthew 6:21