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Posted on this site 30th April 2007

(Caution: Sickening story. Read only if you're able to. The world sinks deeper and deeper into satanic bondage. Only Christ Jesus can set it free! -- T)

(Aug 2007 UK Child Sex Abuse Statistics)

Italy rocked by satanic, drug-induced sexual abuse in kindergarten


Children say they were forced in satanic sexual abuse and forced to drink blood in rituals


Sara Macchitella                                      26th April 2007


Six persons were arrested in Rome on Wednesday accused of sexually abusing 15 children from the age of three to the age of six at the nursery school “Olga Rovere” of Rignano Flaminio, in the vicinities of Rome.

They are expected to be subjected to intense interrogations on Friday. The accused persons were arrested and passed their first night in isolation in a jail in Rebibbia, close to Rome.

All six were arrested and accused of a number of offences which included the abduction of minors, sexual violence within a group, sexual violence on minors under the age of 10 and obscene actions in public places.

Two teachers, both grandmothers, were reported to have been in service at the school for decades and one was close to retirement.

Italian Police also arrested a female caretaker at the school, a young Sri Lankan male and the husband of one of the teachers, who formerly worked as a cameraman at Italy's state broadcaster RAI.

Police said the children were taken to an apartment near the school owned by one of the teachers where they were alledgedly made to perform sexual acts with the Sri Lankan suspect, while the cameraman filmed the ordeal.

Children who protested or resisted were given sleeping pills, tranquilisers or other types of drugs.

“They told us that they were only playing, they made punctures on our cheeks,” said one of the children involved.

Some victims spoke of esoteric and satanic rituals, where adults forced them to drink human blood, exited from wounds that the same persons caused.

The pupils described the intimate parts of the body of the arrested persons and mentioned also piercing and tattoos, which a child at such a tender age wouldn’t know, if he or she has not seen them before.

The little victims described the dreadful scenes saying: “In the villa where they took us, a man cut his arm and coerced us to drink his own blood which he poured in a glass, with other substances. Then they made us do a series of strange games, sort of performances with masked adults and massages to female teachers with oil”.

The parents were reportedly alarmed by signs of bruising and red swelling around their children's genital areas, as well as by the dazed and confused state in which some of them returned home from school.

The city, Rignano Flaminio, is dismayed. People cannot believe that teachers and other esteemed persons could have done such repulsive crimes.

“It’s a nightmare” Interior Minister Giuliano Amato said, remarking the umpteenth paedophilia case in Rignano Flaminio.

“These are very serious episodes” he added, emphasising that actually these things are not so much diffused in Italian schools.

Amato admitted that the challenge against paedophilia is “a difficult fight” and revealed that the Interior Ministry “was informed” of the preliminary enquires carried out. “We were anxiously following the case at the Ministry” he added, “because we know what it means for Italian families who have children at school”.

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